Chapter 7

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Ivy's P.O.V
Renée was back so tonight I was in the ensemble. I didn't mind. That meant I got to spend more time with Daveed. I walked into me and Jaz's dressing room.
"Hey Jaz."
"Hey I- Oh my god! Ivy what is that on your neck!" She yelled. I looked in the mirror at my neck.
"Oh my god. I think it is a Hickey."
"Who the hell gave you a hickey?" She said looking at me with a smirk. I thought back a little. Daveed.
"Uuummmmm. I don't know."
"How could you not know who gave you a hickey." She said. I shrugged my shoulder. I pulled my scarf around my neck and left our dressing room. I opened Daveed's dressing room door. Luckily only he was in there. I took off the scarf.
"Look at what you did."
"Damn! I think one is on your stomach too." He said winking.
"Daveed! I am not joking!"
"Neither am I. Seriously check." I lifted my shirt and sure enough there was a mark there too.
"Asshole." I whispered.
"I heard that." He said.
"I don't care." I said trowing a pillow at him and turning around to leave.
"Where are knowgoing?" To find so make up to cover this up."
"They are love marks babe."
"Love mark my ass." I said walking to my dressing room. I walked into my own dressing room to find Pippa and Jaz talking. When they realized I walked in they both jumped up.
"Who is he?" Pippa said.
"What are you talking about?" I said looking for my consoler.
"The guy your dating." She replied.
"What makes you think I am dating some one?"
"Well you smile every time you see there name on you phone, your never in your own dressing room, you have been super happy and now according to Jaz you have a hickey." She say. I take off my scarf reviling the purple mark on my neck.
"Damn girl."
"Yh I know just help me cover it up." I say. They both help me. When they were done Pippa went back to her dressing room because it was now 15 minutes to showtime.

Daveed's P.O.V
*3 hours later*
I know Ivy is a little mad at me but tonight I was going to do something that would make her really happy. I had Lin help me surprise her. I know I said I would do this at the Christmas eve show but I couldn't wait. This secret was killing me. Lin took the microphone.
"OK guys before you go we have a special treat. You want to get your cameras out for this." He said. I looked at Ivy who was on the side of me and kissed her.
"I knew it!" I heard Pippa say. Ivy laughed at her. The cheering and clapping was deafening. I looked at Ivy and she whispered to me.
"I am going to kill you." We walked of stage and it wasn't 2 seconds before Jaz and Pippa started attacking.
"I knew you were dating someone!"
"I knew you guys were meant to be!"
"Guys calm down!" Ivy shouted. I laughed at how everyone reacted.

Guys I really like this chapter! Super fun to write.

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