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lukas: hi

michla: hi

lukas: i made my choice

michla: and ?

lukas: i don't think i can be in a relationship

lukas: i'm sorry don't hate me

michla: hey it's fine, if you're not comfortable in being in a relationship then that's totally fine. i understand

lukas: thank god

lukas: it's just that i can't love myself so why try to love someone else and care for them, not that i don't care about you because i care about you a lot, but trying to be in a relationship is just too hard for me since i've never been in a relationship. i'll definitely tell you once i'm ready to be in a relationship.

michla: thank you for explaining that for me, i'll always like you and shit but i'll never pressure you into anything that you don't want (:

lukas: thx b (-:

michla: ew the nose

lukas: wow u just ruined the moment

michla: shut up

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