Could You Love Me

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I will love you tomorrow more than I love you today.

I will wait every second of every day for you.

The question is however could you ever love me?

I think of you, you are different than all the others.

Question is do you ever think of me, am I like all the other girls?

I don't want to say goodbye if you could and would be mine.

How long would I have to wait is it even worth it?

I love you more with every passing day, do you love me?

I pass you ever day and try my best not to turn my head.

Do you do the same when you pass me or do you not even notice?

My dreams could change the world but the one of you could change me.

Would you, could you, do you dream of me in the same way?

Could you love with the passion as deep as mine?

Could you love me with that strong lasting passion?

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