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I walked home from work. It was a cold night in Gotham. I was in some black skinny jeans and a sleeveless leather jacket that was tight on my curvy body. My light brown hair was in a tight high ponytail. My black boots clacked on the pavement. I worked at a tattoo parlor, my safe heavan. I shivered as a wind blew my hair back. The bat symbol went off and I rolled my eyes.
'Lamo BatDork is called again,' I muttered to myself. A bomb went off behind me. I didn't flinch, use to the constant destruction, only to wake up to see Bruce Wayne fixed it. I heard the screething of tires and sighed.
'Why do I stay in this dump,' I growled to myself. I walked down the street, beside the road. A car slammed its breaks beside me. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. The car drove beside me.
'Oi! Baby slow down!' A gruff voice yelled. I looked to see two muscular men in a black car. I flipped them off and kept walking.
'I'm sure Boss won't mind us bringing a toy,' one sniggered.
'Shut up!' I snapped, holding my bag tight. I felt two arms wrap around my waist as I was thrown into the back seat. I sighed and put on the seatbelt.
'You wanna beer?' The guy asked, getting back in. I nodded and took the bottle. I checked it was untouched.
'Don't worry, we just want someone to pass the time. We ain't like Boss,' the driver said as he skidded down a road. I nodded and sippled the beer.
'Thanks. Once I get home before Friday,' I sighed and sat back. The pulled up outside a huge mansion.
'Nice. Guess your paid good,' I said, getting out. I followed the two men to the door. They stopped once I was inside. They put there fingers to there lips.
'Boss, were going to our room if you need us,' the taller one called out. A grunt came from a door with
on it. The guys lead me to a small room and they closed the door.
'So, let's play cards,' the smaller one said, sitting down.
'Names?' I asked, sitting down.
'Toby,' The taller one said.
'Louis,' the other muttered.
'Rose,' I said, crossing my arms. We were playing a game of cards, each of us piling in our money.
'4 Aces,' I said, slamming them down and grabbing the money. I was the queen of Cards, any game I play, I win.
'Come to mama,' I said, sliding the money over to me. Toby pulled out his gun, a sore loser. I grabbed my gun out and stared him down.
'Just try me,' I growled. Louis chuckled.
'Ha! Rose got ya good!' He chanted as Toby put his gun down and so did I.
'Yeah, I've lived in Gotham long enough to carry a gun around,' I giggled as I put my money away. A yelled came from outside. Toby and Louis jumped up, clutching there guns. The door flew open and my face fell. There, at the door way was the Clown Prince himself. His green hair was slicked back and he was in a purple suit. He was growling slightly, his metal covered teeth showing.
'B-boss, we just brought a friend to pass the shift,' Toby started, putting down his gun. I turned to them.
'You didn't tell me he was yer boss!' I said, my eyes filling with slight rage. I was pushed against the wall by my throat. The joker grinned at me.
'Surprised to see me hun?' He chuckled, his electric blue eyes looking me up and down.
'Such a pleasure to meet you your highness,' I choked out, struggling to breathe. I grinned fakely. I wasn't scared, well maybe a bit. I wasn't up for BatDork or The clown.
'Oh, pleasure is mine,' he said, tugging at the zip of my jacket.
'Don't you have a wife?' I choked out, fighting to stay awake. I was hit across the room.
'DON'T TELL ME WHAT I HAVE!' He yelled at me. I got up, rubbing my neck. I saw Toby and Louis behind me, there eyes apologetic.
'Anyway, Harls out,' he grinned. That grin made me sick yet blush. I raised my eyebrow, blood trickling down it. I wiped the blood so it didn't get in my eye.
'Oh, we have a tough cookie! You boys are lucky she is distracting me,' he growled over his shoulder. I sighed and went to get my bag. Joker pinned me against the wall. He raised his hand to punch my nose. I prepared myself for pain.
'Oh sweet thing, I would be crazy to harm that beautiful face of yours,' he said, patting me on the cheek. Just as I unteasned, I was kneed in my lower stomach. I growled slightly.
'Pain not doing it for ya?' Joker grinned then kneed me a bit lower. It hit something and a moan escaped my lips. My eyes widened at myself.
'Ahhh, there we go,' Joker said. He pinned my neck to the wall and unzipped my jacket. I struggled slightly as Joker looked at my bra. I had a wine lace bra on. Joker slid his hand along my stomach, his cold hand making me jump. He let me down and I gasped for air. I looked at him for a second before looking at his neck, leaving my hands by my side.
'Well aren't ya gonna zip it up?' Joker asked, inches from me
'If I do, you'll hit me across the room so what's the point,' I said, looking back in his eyes boldly. He chuckled.
'Clever little girl. Mr.J would like to see you in his office,' Joker said, looking at my lips. I shrugged.
'And what would little ol me get from that?' I teased, showing my bravery.
'Your life,'


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