Chapter 29 - Engaged

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I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my first shift of working. For some reason, it being an illegal environment, everything was so much more... Entertaining. I guess because these people were above the law, and they had nothing to worry about if they made it this far into a bar and still weren't arrested. For the first time since having to leave Steve in that hospital room, I had been able to feel somewhat comfortable. There was something about listening to the stories of law breakers, and their daily habits that seemed to make me forget.

"So, you enjoyed the job then?" Bucky asked as I flopped down onto the couch in his penthouse. I put on a bored expression as I took off my boots.
"It was okay." I answered quietly. He scoffed, walking into the kitchen and switching on the kettle, then grabbing a mug.
"Coffee?" He asked.
"Yes please." I replied, leaning back. "So what's your job there?"
"Security." He answered me, placing two spoonfuls of coffee in each mug.
"That must be boring." I said with a small smile.
"Well, I can't say that I enjoy standing at a door for six hours."
"So, this penthouse and your nice looking car is down to them?"
"Hm." I nodded, looking up at the ceiling and staring at the blankness. For some unknown reason, the image of Steve came into my head. The look of relief he had upon seeing me in limbo. And then the way called for me after he woke up. It was a cry for help and I couldn't do it. I ran. I had no choice but I couldn't help but feel guilty. I was also one hundred percent sure that Nat and the others aren't going to tell Steve that they were about to hand me over. I know that to make sure their team didn't fall apart, Steve wasn't going to hear all of what happened. I wonder if he thought about me, and where I was. I mean we hadn't really given ourselves a label, something solid to call ourselves. Do I cross his mind the way he crosses mine?

"He's okay." Bucky sounded, suddenly sat beside me. I had jumped, having forgotten that I wasn't alone. He offered me my mug, nodding towards me. "Your coffee."
"Thanks." I smiled small, taking it from him.
"Steve's okay." He repeated. "I can get someone to keep an eye on him and give you updates if you'd like?" He suggested when I didn't say anything.
"I'm not going to ask you to spy on him." I rolled my eyes, sipping from the mug in my hands.
"It's not spying, it's keeping tabs. And besides, I feel like if you have no idea what's going on with him, your facial expression is going to be sullen the whole time you're here."
"What's wrong with having a sullen expression? You wear one all the time."
"It's not sullen, it's expressionless." He replied, wiping his mouth with his shirt sleeve.
"That's nasty." I pointed out, placing my mug on the coffee table. "There's tissues right here." I said, grabbing some from the box on the coffee table.
"What? I'm going to change the shirt anyway." He mumbled as he took the tissues from me. I rolled my eyes and stood up, grabbing the mug and going to the kitchen area.

"I'll agree to keeping tabs on Steve, as long as you're not invading his privacy." I said after washing my mug and going to collect my boots. Bucky looked up at me with a raised brow.
"You're asking me to watch him without his knowledge, but to do it with invading his privacy? I don't think that's possible." He scoffed, rolling up his sleeves.
I simply rolled my eyes and shrugged. "I'm going to sleep." I said, walking over to the bedroom. "Oh, um, also, are we still training tomorrow morning?" I asked after turning to face him. He looked at me then looked at his hands and nodded.
"I don't see why not." He answered. "We've got to get you battle ready, right?."

I smiled and nodded, then remembered another thing. "Something else," I spoke, grabbing his attention again. "I strongly advice that you get a haircut and shave." I grinned before walking into the bedroom and getting ready for bed.


The next morning when training with Bucky, I believe I did a better job than the day before. Mainly because Bucky had stopped criticising me, and also because I was pinning him down more often. Bucky eventually decided on ending the session for the day so that we could shower and eat and then discuss how we were going to go about our daily lives when we weren't working.

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