Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 :
Heyo! Back with another chapter. Hope you enjoy!

David's POV :
We walk into Toby's room and he seems fine, he looks at me and gets a big smile on his face
Toby- "David! Yay!"
David- "Hey lil man, how you doin'? I give him a big hug
Toby- "I'm good but my arm hurts. Who's that pretty girl?"
Liza blushes and we both laugh
David- "This pretty girl is Liza. Remember me telling you about her? She's my girlfriend"
Liza- "Hey Toby"
Toby- "Hi"

Liza POV :
We carried on talking then I remember. We still haven't told anyone about mine and David's engagement! After a while we leave the hospital and get back to the house. I tell David that we need to tell his Mum and my parents and our friends as well.
Liza- "Hey babe we haven't told anyone about are engagement, when do you want to tell your Mum?"
David- "Omg I completely forgot haha sorry, well... Yeah we might as well tell my mum now!"
David- "Hey Mum can you come here for a sec please?!"
Mum- "Hold on!"
Liza- "I'm scared"
David- "What? Babe don't be scared she loves you and she'll love us getting married. Trust me" David kisses me on the forehead

David's POV :
Mum- "So what did you need me for?"
David- "So we have something to tell you. Me and Liza are getting married!"
Mum- "Omg that's great sweetie!!"
Mum gave me and Liza a big hug I could see the smile on Liza's face she was so happy and so was my Mum 😂

<Timelapse Toby's out of the hospital>

Liza's POV :
We video called my parents and told them about David's and I engagement they were really happy for us. We're seeing them in a couple of weeks, we go back home tomorrow and we're going to Zane and Heaths place everyone's gonna be there so that's when we're gonna announce it.
Liza- "Hey babe are you excited about tomorrow?"
David- "Yeah I can't wait to tell them all, what about you?"
Liza- "I'm a bit nervous but yeah I can't wait"
David kisses me on the forehead and we cuddle up and drift off to sleep.

*Next day*

David's POV :
Mum- "Oh I wish you to didn't have to go"
David- "Aw mum you'll see us soon"
Liza- "Yeah you can help me with the wedding"
Mum- "Oh that'd be lovely! Thank you sweetie"
Sara, Esta and Toby all run up to me and give me a big and then they give Liza a hug
Sara and Esta- "Bye bro see you soon. And bye Liza we'll miss you more than David haha"
Liza- "Haha"
David- "Well at least I'm not adopted haha"
They all laugh
David- "I'll miss you Toby"
Toby- "Miss you more. When you come next time can you and Liza stay for longer please?"
Liza- "Of course we will"
Toby- "Yay! Thank you" Toby gave Liza a big hug
David- "Okay we gotta go now or we'll miss are flight"
We gave everyone one last hug before we left
David and Liza- "Byeee!"
We drive to the airport go through all the security (I've never been to an airport or on a plane so idk sorry lol) and get on the plan Liza falls asleep on my shoulder and I end up falling asleep as well.
We get home unpack and go to Zane and Heaths
David and Liza -"Hey guys!"
Everyone- "Heyyy"
As we were giving everyone hugs Zane and Scotty start telling us all about all the Ghost stuff that's been happening as soon as they start talking about it we hear Kisten (Scottys gf) scream from Scottys room. We all run to his room to see what's happened.

This chapter was so bad I'm really sorry 😭 You guys might recognise the end bit from Zane's vlog but I'm gonna change it up a bit. I'm really sorry this is such a bad chapter, I'm updating on Friday that chapter will be much better! Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

 Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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