Chapter 47

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The incesant Beeps from the machines around her slowly pulled her out of her light sleep. Groggy and a little tired but rested all the same she slowly opened her eyes and sat up in the bed.

She began to yawn just in time as Mimi entered her room with two cups of coffee. The urge to stretch was hindered with the IV line coming from her arm. A bit annoyed she finally remembered that she was in the hospital.

Tara watched Mimi walk closer with a smile offering her a cup lightly giving her a hug and kiss on her forehead.

Pulling away Mimi sat at her side and took a sip of her hot coffee before she began to talk.

"You had us worried, Tara."

Tara lowered her head and nodded.
"I'm sorry," she whispered lifting her watery gaze to stare at Mimi.

"I guess the cats out of the bag now." she shrugged.

With a gentle nod Mimi gave a sad smile.

"What are you gonna do now Tara?"

"What else am I going to do? But raise my baby and be the best mother ever." she lowered her hand to her stomach.

With a smile Mimi leaned forward and held her hand.

"And you got me to help."

They shared a warm hug and continued to talk. She overwhelmed because her father although a bit disappointed accepted it all. Its all he could do.

Sometime through out the visit as they sat and talked her father visited and they made arrangements. He wanted her to move back home. But, she opposed.

"But why pumpkin?"

"Daddy im only pregnant. Im not maimed. I am fine I can do this." she spoke.

He shook his head and stood walking over to the window.

"You should not have to do this alone. If you would only tell who that bastard is that left you pregnant I..." he began furiously.

"You could what daddy? Provide me with a shot gun wedding!" she shook her head and sniffed as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"I would beat the sh*t out of him first and make his ass limp down the isle if it were possible." he shook his head and stiffened as he heard her begin to laugh.

He turned to look at her then astonished.

She covered her face as it turned warm. The urge to laugh and cry was too great. If he only knew that not only if it were possible he didn't stand a chance against Duncan. Not a chance.

He stepped closer and chuckled then wiped away a tear from her cheek as she settled down.

He could see in her eyes she was sad. Her expression of saddness and pain hurt him more than anything. And when her face contorted into the beginnings of a heartbreaking sob, he pulled her into his arms.

"Oh! Sweetheart." he crooned and hugged her tight as she mumbled breathlessly how she missed Duncan.

He could not wrap his head around the little time she knew this guy and already she was in love. He was the love of her life she cried out the night she passed out.

He leaned back to wipe away her tears.
"Have you eaten breakfast yet?" he caught the last tear that fell before smoothing away a lock of hair from her face.

She lowered her head shaking it.

"No. Whats the point if none of it stays down," she shrugged.

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