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"I love you, Maria Leonor." -Rody confesses as he gets the box of ring from his pocket. "You are the only reason why I believed in love at first sight."

Leni blushes and covers her mouth while crying.

He kneels down before her and in front of their friends. He opens the box of ring. "You are the first thing that I think about in the morning, and the last thing I think about at night. Mahal na mahal kita, Leni..." He takes a deep breath. "Will you marry me?"

Everybody squeals as they witness this very special moment.

Leni leans down to him and showers him with kisses while cupping his face in her hands.

He chuckles. "Uy-- Uy, ma'am--" -he struggles to speak because of her unstoppable kisses. "Uy! Ano? Yes or no ba?"

She finally stops and smiles at him. Then nods. "Yes! Yes, my love, yes." She lets him put the ring on her finger and hugs him tightly as soon as he gets to stand up.

Everyone claps and cheers for the both of them, all feeling "kilig".

He pulls away from the hug and kisses her forehead then presses it against hers. "I love you, ma'am." -he whispers.

She smiles sweetly. "I love you too." And plants a soft kiss on his lips. She feels so overwhelmed and she doesn't need to ask for more. Rody is one hell of a man (not including the fact that he can be quite a playboy sometimes). He's very brave, very respectful, caring... And those are just some of the things Leni loves about him. Now she just can't believe that she's finally engaged with Rody, her one and only president, her boss.


It was a year ago when Rody won the position of the president of the Philippines and Leni as the vice president. She knew that he didn't like her from the start because of the issue she had with one of his good friends, Bongbong Marcos. But she just didn't expect that he'd be that hard on her even if it was just their first day of working together.

It was before the first cabinet meeting was about to start when Rody asked Leni to follow him to his office. He sat on his office chair and watched her as she sat in front of his table.

She showed him a small smile and wanted to start the conversation herself. "Mr. President--" But he stopped her.

"Ako muna." He breathed heavily. "Let me go straight to the point and be honest with you, Robredo..."

She started to feel nervous for he sounded so serious and terror. She gulped.

"I don't like you. And I know you don't like me either. So gusto ko sana wag tayong magplastikan." -he requested. "Makikisama lang ako for the sake of this country ba."

She inhaled deeply, looked down, and nodded. "Yes-- yes, sir." -she stuttered.

"I assigned you as the chairwoman of HUDCC so I'm expecting a lot from you, ma'am." He leaned his back on the back of his chair and crossed his arms. "Ayoko ng mabagal, at ayoko ng patanga-tanga."

Her heartbeat fastened and she gulped again.

"Gusto ko man yung mabilis mag-isip. And most especially, gusto ko yung hindi magda-dalawang isip na itaya ang buhay nya para sa bansa." He noticed that she suddenly turned quite pale. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you na sumunod ka agad sa asawa mo. I'm telling you na kailangan handa ka sa lahat ng puedeng mangyari ba."

"Handa naman po ako, mr. President. Pinagisipan ko na po 'yang lahat ng mabuti when I was still thinking na tumakbo as the vice president." -she assured him. "Makaka-asa po kayo sa akin. As much as I can, I won't disappoint you, sir. Hindi ko sisirain ang tiwalang binigay nyo po sa akin."

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