Chapter 28 - Dreams of Lies [NSFW]

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// Okay so fair warning here because I'm taking the smut to the next level lmao #FiftyShadesOfSteve - let's get it trending 😂 But yeah, I'm just warning you because the first part is a little heated. Hope you enjoy your second update today 😉 \\

Steve was deemed fit to leave the hospital after waking up despite the doctor's confusion for his unexplained coma, although he didn't quite feel the same. Perhaps it was watching Chris burning in his arms. Because that's what she was doing whether she realised it or not. Or maybe it was the fact that he'd heard his mother's voice for the first time in centuries.

The others had taken him to the Avengers Tower, and forcefully made take a rest. They ignored his questioning of where Chris was and they wouldn't let him look for her. Natasha managed to persuade him to go and take a nap. And some nap it was.

He dreamt of days before, when he was alone with Chris. He had been researching on his tablet and she wouldn't quit trying to annoy him. He dreamt of the way she laughed every time she poked his cheek, then played with his hair. Then they got side tracked from the job at hand. And before they knew it, they were taking each other's clothes off. Although it was just a dream, it felt real. He felt like he was back there again. With her legs wrapped around his waist, and his lips at her neck. And his fingers tightly woven with hers as they moved. And the kisses, how much he loved her kisses. Soft and hungry at the same, everywhere they touched sending a shot of emotions through him. He told her this of course, whenever they just lay together.

However, there was something else that he loved, but he was too shy to admit to her. He was still new to the world of sex, after all. But whenever they were engrossed with one another, he got a thrill from knowing that he was responsible for making her moan. He never knew why, or whether it was normal, but whenever he trailed kisses along her neck, her stomach, or her legs, the sounds that left her lips made his heart race a little faster. Whenever she gripped his arms tightly, and she moaned his name, it pleased him in a way he would most likely never understand.

He shot up from his bed, his clothes sticking to him with sweat. He mentally cursed himself for dreaming of such things. Of course he never used to until he met Chris. Chris. Where was she anyway? She hadn't been seen since he was bleeding out in her arms. Not put in the open anyway. He wasn't sure if seeing her in the darkness of his mind was real or just his subconscious getting him through whatever it was he was going through.

With a groan, he got up and headed to shower, taking as much time as possible before changing into a dark blue shirt and black trousers. He ran a hand through his hair as he went to join the others in one of the science labs. They were stood in front of a computer screen, talking to one another in hushed voices. Steve cleared his throat to grab their attention, all of them turning to face him and cutting off their conversation.

 Steve cleared his throat to grab their attention, all of them turning to face him and cutting off their conversation

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"Steve, you're up." Nat smiled small at him. "How are you feeling?"
"Fine." He answered, smiling tiredly. "What's going on?"
"We're trying to track down Chris." Tony answered, leaning against one of the tables facing the computer screen. Steve glanced at the screen that had a picture of Chris up in one box, and in another box, the word "searching" written across it.
"Why do you need to track her down? Can't you just call her?"
"It's a little bit.. complicated." Bruce answered him, scratching the back of his head. Steve was about to question him further when the computer beeped, and a CCTV image of Chris came up. Steve's heart jilted, and he couldn't help but smile. But then his smile was broken when he saw that she wasn't alone. The image was taken from inside a cafe, not far from the hospital. And she wasn't alone. She was with an all-too familiar friend of his.

"Bucky?" Steve whispered, stepping towards the computer. Everyone else looked just as shocked as he did. Everyone but Bruce. Steve knew Bruce long enough to know how he looked when he was guilty. "You knew?" He directed at Bruce.
"He came in with Chris when you were at the hospital." Bruce admitted, running a hand through his hair. "He's helping her."
"He's a fugitive." Clint spoke up for the first time. "She's on the run with a fugitive. That makes her a fugitive too."
"Hey, Bucky's only doing what you two couldn't do." Bruce defended the aforementioned, pointing at Nat and Clint.
"What do you mean by that?" Steve asked, looking at everyone. When nobody answered, Steve shook his head and then turned around, heading for the door.
"Wait, Steve, where are you going?" Nat asked, chasing after him.
"I'm going home," he answered stopping at the door. "Then I'm going to look for her."

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