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At the end of the school day, me and Phil walk to my house.

"Honestly, this is the most fun I've ever had..." I say, making Phil smile.

We walk in, me being glad that my mom works later on Fridays. "Wanna see my room?" I ask. Phil nods.

"I'd love to..." he says and we both head up the stairs. I open the door to the attic.

"Tada!" I say, holding my arms out. "Let's see if the light works today..." I pull the switch down and it doesn't work. "Nope..." I open the window for more light to come in.

"How come it doesn't work?" Phil questions. I shrug and laugh slightly. I look at Phil and blush when I see his smile and slightly messy hair. He's so adorable...

Phil looks out the window. "It's a cool view," he says. I look as well, nodding my head in agreement.


After a few hours of us talking and having fun, I hear the door open downstairs. I think Dan also heard it. His face goes pale.

"U-Uh, I'll be right back..." Dan says, his stutter rolling back in with his words. He walks out the door and I hear him go down the stairs. I walk out as well but stay at the top of the stairs to hear the conversation. I think Dan and his mom were talking.

"No. He has to leave, right now! I will beat you again if he doesn't leave!!!" Was all I heard. My eyes widen as I also heard dans cries. I quickly walk back in the room, not wanting to hear anything else.

I heard someone walking up the stairs. I thought it would be Dan telling me I had to leave, but it was his mom. His mom pulls my arm and pulls me down the stairs.

"MOM! STOP! YOU'RE GONNA HURT HIM!!!" Dan shouts, louder than I've ever heard him. His cheeks were red from crying as more tears flowed down them. It hurt to see him like this.

Dan's mom pushes me out the door, and I stay there for a moment, listening to all of the yelling happening from inside the house.

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