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Chapter- Twenty Three

There was a party.

Maria informed me that to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone, a party was necessary.

I was amused.

A healthy relationship!?

Mafia people had healthy relationship? The thought amused me.

Till now, all I had seen was guns and some kidnapping actions.

There was no healthy relationship.

And Vitale?

He was ignoring me for weeks now.

After George interrupted us in a very awkward position, Vitale stopped talking with me.

He is rude.

And he can die for God's sake.

He used me and that hurt me more than anything.

I was still getting used to it. In my opinion, I was nowhere.

My life was suddenly all drama and kisses. I sometimes even wondered how the hell was I still alive? In this world, all we needed was a little clumsiness and you were gone.

And I was the queen of clumsiness, how was I even alive?

I probably had done something great in my last life.

"Chanel?" I heard Maria mutter. I nodded my head in her direction, "hmm?"

"Which one do you think suits better?" She asked me, on her both hands were two different dresses.

I shrugged and told, "You will look beautiful in everything."

That was true. Maria had an look on her face, a very beautiful and soft look. She could pull every outfit.

It was like Selena Gomez trying something new and looking good as ever.

Maria nodded her head slowly, "I guess."

And then she sighed.

Here it comes.

"Chanel? Smile, please?" She pouted, pushing out her lips and trying to look cute.

I gave her a blank look, "I'm smiling, see?"

She shook her head, "No, you are not. You are just in denial." She replied giving me one of those sad looks that she gave me all throughout last week.

I sighed, "Maria, I told you I am okay."

She raised her eye brow, "If you were okay, you'd have been excited for the party just like me but look-" she pointed both her hands towards me, "you are here, under the blanket eating ice-cream."


I guess I forgot to mention, I was acting all moody and sad.

And that was why I hated Vitale more.

He made me emotional.

First, he kidnapped me; I was scared at that time.

And then we both get kidnapped; I was also scared and excited at that time.

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