Chat to the Countries of Hetalia?!

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A portal opens up in the meeting room of the allied forces and two girls fall out off it! Karin with short black hair and blue eyes and Kelly with black hair, tied in a high ponytail with a white ribbon and dark brown eyes. Karin has a Britannian emblem tattooed on her chest and wears a Knights of the Round uniform while Kelly; who is shorter than Karin, wears a white Britannian prince outfit.

Karin: *puts up hand* We come in peace!

Kelly: *points at Britannia* And she's my bodyguard who's crazy with a fan weapon.

Everyone accepts Karin and Kelly: . . .

America: *points at both at Karin and Kelly* You're Aliens!

Kelly: We're new countries! I'm a Japanese and Vietnamese country. I'm Betonamu Teikoku but you can just call me Betonamu. Now obey my every command! *crazed laugh* Ahahahahaha!!

Karin: I'm a British and Korean country; I'm Britannia! And please excuse my good friend here, she's a know what, never mind! *nervously laughs*

America: *suprised* She? I thought SHE was a he. *hero laugh* HAHAHAHA!!

Kelly: I am a HE! Karin just got messed up that's all! Isn't that right Karin?

England: *looks at Kelly suspiciously* -In his mind: Why does he wear a ribbon?

Kelly: *looks at England* -In her mind: Why do you look at me like that?

Karin: *looks at Kelly with a confused look* -In her mind: Where are you going with this, Kelly?

America & Kelly: *laughs together*

The allied forces look at them weirdly EXCEPT Russia; he just smiles.

England: *walks up to Karin and Kelly and extends his hand* It's nice to meet you, Betonamu and Britannia. I'm England.

Kelly: *smiles at England and Then...SMACK!! Slaps England's face.*

England: What the Bloody Hell was that for?!

Kelly: *says with a smile* I don't know.

England: *gets furious and gets held back by America* YOU ANNOYING LITTLE BRAT! America you IDIOT let me go! *England continues blabbering*

America: I'm sorry, England is very high-tempered but he'll get over it! *hero laugh* HAHAHAHA!!

Karin: *gives a big smile* Nah, it's okay!

Kelly: *ignores England and stares at America*

Karin: *Looks at Kelly* Kelly?

America: *also looks at Kelly* Dude, are you okay?

Kelly: *looks away from America and blushes*

Karin: *smiles evilly* He's Okay, I just know it!

America: Are you sure? He doesn't look like it.

Karin: *looks at Kelly again*

Kelly: *walks toward England*

England: What do you want now?

Kelly: *copying his every word and accent* What do you want now? 

England: Is this suppose to be a joke?!

Kelly: Is this suppose to be a joke?!

England: Stop mocking me you IMBECILE! 

Karin: *runs up to Kelly and covers her mouth before she can say anything else and laughs nervously* Hahahaha! Kelly, you're so funny!

America: *randomly says out of nowhere* Dudes who makes the best pie between you two?

Karin & Kelly: *Eyes open with excitement* 0.0. . . PIE CONTEST!!!!

*runs to the kitchen*

England: I have a bad feeling about those two...


Karin: *holding a a bucket of water* Someone put a bomb in the kitchen! And it's not me! :3

England: *runs into the kitchen* WHAT HAPPEN TO MY CHOCOLATE SCONES?!

Kelly: *puts up hand* guilty! :3

Karin: *takes out black magic book* let's see...put sugar and flying mint bunny and he'll turn human hmmm

Kelly: Do it! :3

Karin: *puts sugar on flying mint bunny*


Karin and Kelly: *blushes* OMFG! *faints*

England catches Karin and America catches Kelly.

France: Why is there a guy with green hair naked in the meeting room?

America: -_- Don't ask...

England: How did Britannia get my black magic book?!

Kelly: I can tell how! We found it at your house in this dark, dark room; it was super SCARY in there!

England: What?!

Kelly: It was totally all MY idea to take the book; I'm so proud of myself! *Hero pose*

England:*Cracks his knuckles with a scary smile*

Karin: *holds England back* Don't hurt her I'm her bodyguard!

England: Shut up you wanker! I'm going to kill her!

Karin: *teary eyes*

Kelly: Look what you did, you scared her!

America: The hero is here to save the damsil in distress! *hero laughs*

Kelly: *jumps into America's arms* Thank you!

America: o_o; umm okay dude, I was totaly talking about you.

England:Karin I'm sorry I called you a bloody wanker, so can you stop crying?!

Karin: If you make me a cake! :3

England: Of course I'll bake YOU a cake.

Kelly: Yea, you better! Wait, what?I want a cake too!!

England: None for You or America!

America: Dude, that's not fair! I didn't do anything!

Kelly: Does that mean you're gonna bake a cake for everybody else too?

France: Yea, what about the rest of us?

Kelly: Shut up, Pedifile!

France: *takes Karin's hand* Don't pay attention to that brit, he makes food taste aweful.

Karin: Eh um eto...

England & Kelly: Get away from her you pedifile!

France:*lifts up Karin off the ground and runs off* Let's run away together Karin!

England & America & Kelly: *starts chasing France*

Kelly & England: *runs faster and passes America*

America: Wait you guys! *panting* I'm suppose to be the hero!

Kelly: *stops for America* Hurry up!

America: Wait one minute

Karin: England!

France:*covers Karin's mouth* Honhonhon and that my dear, silence prevels all.

England: *still running* Curse you France! I swear I'm gonna get her back!

Kelly: That's my bodyguard you perverted french!

America: *takes out a hamburger* I need a break...

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