20 Interesting Facts About Virgo

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20 Interesting Facts About Virgo

1. Virgo gets irritated if forced to communicate. If they decide not to on a particular day, trust that it's for a good reason.

2. When a Virgo finds a person they like, It's like a game of chess. Everything is carefully thought out.

3. Virgo can be very testy and short fused. You don't want to annoy one.

4. Virgos are often called upon a lot but don't count favours... they just expect you to be there for them if they need you.

5. Virgos notice everything about you.

6. Virgos like to know the details... Who, what, where, when, & why!

7. Virgos Hate Over-Dramatic People.... We like to chill.

8. Virgos are the type to pick and lay their outfit out for tomorrow before they go to bed.

9. Virgo gets irritated if there isn't a clear plan for events.

10. Virgos are investigators. They never fully trust anyone and are always looking for the bad before they can see the good

11. Sometimes the littlest things people do can irritate a Virgo. The big things that irritate everyone else, Virgos shrug off.

12. Virgos seem to be calm, but on the inside, they can tire themselves out without even moving trying to fix and figure out things in their head.

13. Virgo may dwell too much on their past not allowing them to move forward in the present.

14. Virgos are one of the most truthful signs.

15. Virgos let people get away with a lot, so when they call you out on it, they're finally tired of it.

16. Virgo's don't have too many friends.

17. When a Virgo has found true love, they are extremely faithful and will work hard to keep the relationship alive and thrilling.

18. Virgos have a fashion sense that goes with their mood, their tastes and their uniqueness, it doesn't matter if its "in" or not.

19. Virgos HATE waiting.

20. Virgos are really hard to read after a breakup.

Bonus Fact - I'm A Virgo!

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