Chater 1: Me

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Your Nightmare.

Chapter 1- [me]

I rummaged through my drawer for something to wear.

Dark skinny jeans? Maxi-dress? Shorts? Skirt? Short Dress? Tank top? Vest top? Hoodie? Blouse? Hmm. I was going to have a night in with all the girls round...and a few boys, maybe watch a movie, play some board games and just chill.

I turned the radio up because 'Nightmare' by Avenged Seven fold (my favorite band) was playing live! 'Peace of mind is less than never. Hate to twist your mind...' blared the radio. I shrieked due to my happiness. I threw the pale matron dress I was holding to the floor and collapsed head up facing the ceiling on my bed.

 I whispered the lyrics. It hurt me how much I could relate my life to this song. I pushed the tears back, I knew crying about it wouldn't change anything so I just forced myself to think about all the 'good' things I still had and always will have...

I listened intently cherishing each word and stanza. '’And I know you hear their voices.

Calling from above. And I know they may seem real. These signals of love...' Sang my radio. The song was coming to an end and I could feel my eyes a little heavier as I was trying my hardest to keep back tears. 

"RING!! RING!! RING!!" screamed my phone, vibrating and flashing all at once. "Eurgh!" I screeched. I pulled the phone from my back pocket and saw it was my mom calling. I turned the radio volume low and quickly tried straightening myself up, I wiped my tears and brushed my fingers through my hair, then I just gave up. After all she was ringing, not inspecting. I quickly picked up the phone tried clearing my throat before speaking.

"Hello Stephanie. How are you mom?" I whispered. My mom didn't reply for a few long seconds and then she cried; "Monique deary! I'm all good beautiful, and how's my little cherry doing? How's your brother and grandma? How's things back home and school? Oh Monique I really miss you!"

For the first time in ages I actually put on a real big smile. I was suddenly so happy, my tears disappeared, faster then they had come.

I replied "Mom! Aww I miss you so much more. I wish you and dad come back quick. I deteste this foul house now that I have to run it! Mom please come back quick. Dirks all good, I'd give him the phone to but the lazy bananas sleeping sorry mom, and grandma is out shopping with Bella. School is okay to be quite honest. Mom when are you and dad coming home!?" I started pacing lightly around the room in circles because I knew a phone call with my mom would last at least an hour and I really needed to get ready so as to meet my mates near McDonald's car park at around 4o'clock ...which was in about 2hours time.

I talked to my mum for 1 hour and 15minutes and then I begged her to call later because I was really late. 

I turned the radio back up and curled in my bed, closed my eyes and drowned in tears. This was the reason to why I hardly ever called my mom. She always brought tears to my eyes. I missed her so bad. 

Stephanie was a depressing kind of person, she always thought about life in a negative manner; even though she was the legs to my table, the ink to my paper, the root to my evil..basically she's everything to me. She's the best thing I ever had, my motivator and my inspirer. My everything. My world. Even though I loved her so much, no ones perfect. Everyone has some evil in them. 


When I was younger, the peak of me hating on Stephanie was at its highest.

I missed Reem and Martin, (my real mom and dad so much). I was only little when they'd died, but it killed me so much, more then anything could ever have killed me, it felt like heavy weights were being thrown at me and I remember Dirk holding me and comforting me.  I hated watching my mom and dad die right in front of my eyes. 

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