Heaven on Earth

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Anarica.. A small township in the the east of Morroco... It's mountains that gave the town its glory sorrounded it so beautifully... Offering protection from its enemies.... "Hey! Come back here boy!" "Damn am so tired" she says. She has been chasing her Dalmatian dog for hours. She felt reaches are spring with hot water coming from under she dipped her feet in it . Suddenly she felt the tip of her shirt pulled she grabbed the dog "Good boy! Arrow! Good boy ""Now we should go back home before Mum gets angry " The dog was her companion, friend, true love etcetera. She loved it. She stands up wiped her clothes and headed northwards to her home a small cottage the dog following close by the sun sets down indicating the end of the day.

Phew! Never thought I'll do it.
Guys it just a trial hope you like it

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