Chapter 2: Mating

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Chapter 2: Mating

I backed up afraid of what was to come. He must have seen the terrified expression on my face because, he smirked and started coming closer and closer to me.

"Please, don't I'm scared!" I cried, falling to the ground covering my face. I felt a hand was making gentle caresses on my face, I looked up to see Dorian looking down at me with gentle eyes.

"Do not be afraid lovely, I promise I will never hurt you. I love you baby." He said, bringing his mouth to mine.

His mouth was warm and soft, and when his tongue asked for entrance. I opened my mouth, allowing him entrance to my mouth.

He tasted like sweet Carmel and Hot Cocoa. I could feel his tongue make caresses against mine, as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his arms.

He kept kissing me, and running hands down my body and in my hair. When he pulled away and I felt his mouth on my ear.

"Let me make you mine, let me take you away to a place where you belong with me lovely." He breathed into my ear.

I was still wrapped in his protective arms, and when the wind blew I shivered. He pulled me closer for my warmth, and I snuggled into him.

He kissed my forehead, and pulled bridal style into his arms. He started carrying me farther into the woods, we passed by hundreds of trees before we came across a cabin.

The cabin was beautiful it was a two story, and was surrounded by wild flowers. He walked us up to the door, and he grabbed a key on top of the door. He opened the door, and carried me inside.

The inside was just as beautiful as the outside of the house, it was cover in wild flowers. And it smelled of Carmel and Hot Cocoa.

Just like him. He carried me over to a curtain covered room, the curtain had a wolf on it. He walked us into the room, and I saw a pile of animal fur making a bed.

He pulled us over to the animal fur bed, but before he pulled us down on it. He started pulling my clothes off.

"Stop, I can't!" I whimper, trying to get away from him. He pressed his lips to my neck, and started running his teeth along my neck.

"I'm not going to make you do it tonight baby, but I do need you soon baby." He said, he went back to pulling my clothes off.

When all my clothes were off, I shuddered under his lustful gaze. He pushed me on top of the animal fur bed, and lay on top of me.

The feel of our naked skin touching made me shiver, he pulled a animal fur blanket over us. His body covered mine from the cold, and his lips covered my neck.

"I love you baby, get some sleep sweetheart." He whisper, into my ear. I shifted under him uncomfortable with him laying on top of me.

"Relax, it's my way of protecting your when asleep." He kissed my forehead, and I started to dove off...............................

Dorian's Pov

I woke up to the sound of my mates whimpers, I sniffed the air to see if there was any sign of danger for my mate. There wasn't.

She started thrashing, and talking in her sleep.  I tried to hear what she was saying , as she thrashed around under me.

"No, father please! I'm sorry I didn't me to tell mother about the woman." She cried out in her sleep. She screamed, thrashing harder.

"Ow, please stop! Stop hitting me, ow it hurts!" She screamed kicking and throwing her arms all over the place.

I grabbed her arms, and started to shake her awake. She woke up, and the look on her face made me want to kill the bastard she calls her father.

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