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chapter thirteen: cigarettes and milkshakes

An old pop song played from the speakers through a jukebox in one corner of the diner. The whole place had a vintage feel to it that made anyone who walked in feel like they were in a scene from the movie Grease. A waitress with a neat bun, thick brown glasses, and cherry red lip gloss had a blank look on her face as she stood at the counter. Over at a booth were Ava and Luke, holding up their menus. The storm outside how simmered down into just a small patter of rain.

The pair had driven to a nearby diner that was open late at night since Ava's stomach began to growl loudly, and Luke insisted they get something to eat no matter her protests. They were still soaked head to toe and currently making disappearing acts from their apartments and friends. However, it would give them a good place to talk and just hang out. They had been friends for a good amount of time, but they still didn't know every single thing about each other, and maybe tonight would be a great way to learn. They had a frequent habit of vanishing together and where it wasn't exactly a good thing, it wasn't all bad either.

Ava hummed; she couldn't decide whether she should get a bacon burger and a chocolate milkshake or stick with a chicken Caesar salad, the decision suddenly becoming as hard as rocket science since she was in the presence of an attractive boy who made her feel constantly flustered. The last time she had eaten out with someone that wasn't Luke or someone associated with Luke (so, no, Ashton didn't count), she had made the regrettable rookie mistake of ordering barbecue ribs and the girl she was on a date with never called her like she said she would. It's not like Ava could help how messy of an eater she was.

She kept her eyes to the options of food she had (she loved food more than she loved herself), pursing her lips. Luke sat next to her, his feet propped up on the empty side of the booth across from him, not sure on his order either. He nudged the girl next to him with his shoulder.

"What are you ordering? And don't say salad," He told her, glaring at her playfully.

She rolled her eyes, which were still slightly red and puffy, laying her head on his side. Involuntarily, Luke's arm outstretched and wrapped around her. 

"How'd you know I was thinking of choosing salad? You're all kinds of stalker," Ava said while she let out a laugh as Luke pouted at her insult.

"I can read minds," He replied, widening his eyes and deepening his voice to make it sound dramatic. (Actually, he just heard her talking to herself about getting the salad.)

Ava smiled and gestured to over the counter. "Oh, then trust me: you don't want to know what that girl giving you the sex stare is thinking of you right now."

Glancing at the waitress, who was indeed undressing him through the lenses of her glasses, he scoffed. Though he couldn't deny that she was attractive and excessive in the boob area. A different waitress approached them, her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and her pencil fumbling in her hand. She flashed them a grin and pointed to her nametag.

"Hi, my name is Eden. I'll be your server, what can I get you?" Eden asked, exaggeratedly perky. In all reality, she just wanted to get out of there.

The two ordered their food (Ava decided on a bacon cheeseburger and so did Luke) and when Eden left them, they continued their conversation. They covered stupid topics like whether or not the illuminati was real or who was better: Billie Joe Armstrong or Tom DeLonge. (In the end they both agreed that you couldn't compare two of the best music gods and moved on.) Other similar things such as music interests and hobbies were a topic of talk and they discovered they had a lot in common. Soon enough, their food was delivered along with their chocolate milkshakes. They began to eat, but nonetheless, still talked.

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