Part 11 ( let's do it )

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Kya huva cabir..!! Is dad ok..!! Manik asked while getting up.

Manik... Nandini..!! Cabir said.

Kya huva nandini ko?? Manik asked cabir with a worried face.

Wo.. Wo.. Manik... Nan.. Nandini..!! Cabir was stammering.

Cabir stop stammering and answer me? What the hell happened to nandini.!! Manik asked holding cabir by his shoulder.

Cabir sensed that his plan is working..!! So, he continued with his acting.

Manik when you left nandini house..!! Ussne tera picha kiya..!! Don't know what happened to her but suddenly she fainted in front hotel where we are staying..!! Luckily uncle saw her and now she is in hotel and I was searching for you since long time..!! Cabir said seriously..!!

Looking at his face no one will say that he was acting.

But hear manik was standing numb..!! He don't know how to react..!! He was in his thoughts when cabir voice brought him back.

Manik..!! What happened where are you lost? Said cabir.

Cabir.. I have to go..!! Manik said and started running out from office.

As soon as manik went cabir pulled his phone from his pocket and called Raj.

On call

Hello..!! Raj said.

Uncle manik just left from here..!! Cabir said from other side.

What..!! Raj shouted.

Hearing his shout , All run towards him.
Manik ka accident huva? Raj said looking at nandini from corner of his eyes.

Kab huva...!! Kaisa hai mera bacha aab..!! Chot tho nahi hai na? Raj asked cabir making fake crying face.

Nandini was standing in front of raj with tears in her eyes, he felt a sharp pain in his heart seeing his daughter crying and worried..!! But he have to slove this complicated love of this children.

Kaha hai vo? He asked little louder so that nandini can hear him properly.

Hotel mai..!! You stay with him..!! I am coming..!! Raj said and cut the call.

But before he could say anything nandini run out of the house..!! Fab 3 and navya was about follow her but raj stopped them.

All looked towards him with confuse faces..!! But raj winked at them..!! They all signed in relief.

Uncle yeh Sab plan tha? Multi asked raj..!! He nodded his head and said.

Mamma..!! They all heard manan sound.

All turned around and saw manan standing near his bedroom door and rubbing his eyes.

Raj walked towards him..!!

Kya huva champ..!! He asked manan.

Mamma kaha hai..!! He asked.

Apke mamma aapke dad se Milne gai hai..!! Raj said kissing in his cheeks.

But grand pa papa and mamma unke room mai hai na? He asked but raj has no answer.

Acha aap mere help karoge..!! Mamma papa no milane mai..!! He said.

Manan nodded his head immediately.

Raj with manan and fab 3 headed towards hotel.

On the way to hotel raj did some important calls.

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