I Love Turtles, But I Love You More-Chapter 2

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Tony's POV-

I sighed inwardly but smiled as two girls, one dressed in all purple and the other wearing all red, came up smiling like lunatics. I've been standing here for almost 3 hours and I just want to go home, eat some pizza, and watch Star Wars.>~<

"Um, could you guys sign our poster?" they asked in unison while handing us a poster.

"Sure^.^" Jaime smiled and signed his name. We all took our turns signing. "Anything else?"

"Could we get a picture with you?"

"Sure!" Vic exclaimed and we all squeezed in for a picture.

"Thank you so much!" the red one said hugging Jaime. Vic looked jealously at her.

"T-thank you." the purple one stuttered hugging Jaime. They waved and walked off.

I went wide eyed when the next people came up. He was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. Just OHMYGOD HE'S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! I smiled brightly at him, kinda at the girl but mostly at him. I think he's gay cuz he had a 'Im gay, get over it!' wristband on. "Hi-hi! Could you sign this?!" he asked thrusting a notebook into my hands.

"Sure, who am I writing it to?"


"Okay-" I wrote 'OHMERGERD Tony Perry serned Austin's perper!~Tony Perry' "Here ya' go." I handed him his notebook and he smiled brightly.

"Thanks, could I get a picture with you?"

"Of coarse!" I smiled. I wrapped my arm around his waist and smiled a REAL smile for the picture(I know it's a miracle!!).

I look over at Jaime and see him staring at Vic and the girl smiling for a picture. "Thank you so much!" Austin exclaimed, hugging me.

"No problem!" I said hugging him back.

"Times up." Our bodyguard said harshly.

"Bye, thanks again!" Austin waved excitedly.

"Bye!" I said back waving. He grabbed the girls arm and they walked off giggling. He was so cute>w<!!

Next was a tallish guy with flaming orange hair. He was also wearing a 'I'm gay, get over it!' wristband, so I'm guessing he's gay too. He was giving googlely eyes at Mike and Mike was returning them.....oooohh snaaapp! Mikey's got a crush!

There was about 10 more people in line so when we finished I walked over to Mike, since Vic and Jaime were pretty much eye raping each other at the moment. "Do you wanna go to Pizza Hut?" I asked Mike. He nodded.

"Sure, I'm pretty hungry and pizza sounds good." We walked off towards his car and drove silently to the nearest Pizza Hut.

~At le Pizza Hut~

We stepped inside the Pizza Hut and were surprised to see Austin, Nina, the twins and the Mikey man. I tiptoed up behind Austin and put a finger to my lips so the girls and other guy knew to be quiet. "Hellloooo there." I whispered in a rapey voice. Austin squealed and turned around.

"Oh my god! I just had a mini heart attack!" he exclaimed putting a hand to his heart.

"Sorry, I had to!" I laughed.

"Are you guys going to eat or did you guys just see us and have to come?" the boy(not Austin) teased.

"Ya we're gunna eat. You wanna eat with us?" Mike asked. They all nodded excitedly. "Let's go then."

We all followed Mike and got sat at a large table. Then I heard a squeal,a series of OHMYGOD!!'s (made by the same person), followed by an exasperated 'Shut up!' and then there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a girl about 15 years young with dirty blond hair and dark brown bangs. She was wearing a Black Butler t-shirt with a jean skirt and rainbow fishnets. She was wearing a bunch of wristbands (everything from Dragon Ball Z to Bring Me The Horizon) but you could still see the scars that covered her arms.

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