Chapter 18

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Aphmau POV

Right now, Max, Ross, Katelyn and Castor are walking to the volcano that is located in an ice biome. Castor insisted that he came with me so Alex suggested that he would go with the other group instead. And here we are with Castor complaining that he is cold!

"Are we there yet? It's so cold!" Castor asks.

"If you don't shut up I am going to set you on fire." Max holds up his hand that is covered in fire. Castor immediately shuts up. Thank you!

"We should set up camp soon. It's getting late and we don't know what could happen at the night time." I inform them. They all agree before they start setting up their tents that Ross put in his storage. Or should have put in his storage.

"Guys... We have a problem." He says. I look at him to see him holding two tents. Two very small tents. "I forgot the other tents."

"Ross!" We all shout. I just sigh. One of us won't be able to sleep in a tent then. Those tents are meant to be for only one person and there is 5 of us. We could probably squeeze two people in a tent.

"Well who is going to sleep outside?" Katelyn asks.

"I vote Ross." Max and Castor say at the same time.

"You can't make me sleep outside! I'm a squirrel!" He shouts at them. I just sigh.

"I will volunteer. It's my fault for trusting Ross with getting the tents." I bring out all of our sleeping bags and give one to everybody.

"You can't sleep outside!" Katelyn shouts. "You're a girl so you can share a tent with me!"

"Nah I will be fine. It's not like I have never slept in snow before." I put my sleeping bag next to the fire place that Max has made with his own fire. "Also we need a look out since we don't know what could come and attack us. Last time I was in a cold place, I was ambushed by a few werewolves. Don't need that to happen again." I take out some food next and put it on a stick before hovering it over the fire, letting cook.

"Are you sure Jess? I can sleep outside since I was the one who forgot to bring the tents." Ross asks. I just nod.

"We can switch it up a bit either way since I can't stay up every night and I'm not gonna sleep outside everyday." I finish the pork chop I was cooking and put another one in since everybody else has their own food on them. I brought extra just in case though.

"That's a good idea I guess. You are still injured after all." Max says, sitting on my sleeping bag with me and pulling out his own porkchop and cooking it. Everyone soon sits down after setting up the tents and cooks their own food and eats it. It soon becomes dark. "Well we should probably get some rest. You too Jess. Ross has good hearing so he can tell us if there is any danger nearby." I nod.

"Goodnight everyone." I get in my sleeping bag, trying to warm up. I wish I didn't turn my flower garland into clothes to wear. That way I could have made it a tent instead. I guess it's better than walking in a tank top and shorts. Everybody says good night before going into the tents, Max and Katelyn sharing since she didn't want to be with the two idiots. Good choice. It was a good thing we left Boomy and Lucy in Mitch's care since it would be too cold for them. I look up at the stars in the sky since I'm too awake and I just think about what I'm going to do when this war is over. Would I go back to MyStreet? Go to the hall and become a superhero? Should I stay with my childhood friends? So many in answered questions. I guess I should leave it to fate to decide what I should do. I will ask myself that answer when the time comes but for now, I should get some sleep. I wonder how the other group is doing.

(Meanwhile with the other group)

"It's so hot! Why are we in a desert again?" Barney complains as they all walk through the sandy desert biome.

"Well Ty was said to be out here creating parkour maps for players. That's what Jess said anyway." Sky informs them, walking at the front of the group.

"How are you two not hot in those suits anyway? It's so hot!" Barney points at the two superheroes that are walking at the back of the group together with their suits on like it was nothing.

"Superhero suits. Keeps us cool and warm at the same time even though our abilities aren't working. It's basically just a costume now." Cadenza explains.

"Well can any of you guys see anything?" Jin asks.

"I can fly up and look around." Cadenza offers before putting her Angel ring on and flying up into the air. All she sees is sand though. She jumps back down and just shakes her head. "Nothing."

"Well this map is saying we are going in the right direction. We are just very far away." Alex says, looking at the map he has been trusted with.

"Well if my calculations are correct, it should take about two or three days to get their. We could just teleport back after we have him." Jin says.

"It's so hot!" Sky complains. "I can't wait until we get there." So the heroes of this story carry on walking to their destination.

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