Chapter X- Layla

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I search everywhere for my box, but I cant find it. Why would someone take it? I get more angry and more frustrated as I look around for it. I feel hot tears stream down my face, surprising me because I didn't know I was crying. I quickly wipe them with my hand. It has to be around here somewhere. It's not gone. It can't be.

"What does it look like?" Dean asks, his eyebrows drawn together.

"It-it's brown... With golden symbols... There was a knife inside that looked almost the same as the outside..." I say, rambling.

"Layla, just calm down, we'll find it," Sam says as I throw more clothes on the floor.

"How can I just calm down?" I yell and Sam backs up. I hadn't meant to get angry with him. I was mad at myself. How could I let this happen? I was given this responsibility by my parents and I've just messed it all up. I feel hands on my arm and they turn me quickly towards them.

"Hey," Dean says, his voice calm and low, "Hey, we'll find it." He says, letting go of my arm. I sit on my bed and put my head in my hands.

"Get out," I say softly. They didn't seem to hear me so I spoke up, "Get out!" I yell and they immediately flee from the messy room and slam the door behind them. I lay back on my bed and cry myself to sleep.


Sam and I walk back to our room silently.

"Man, I've seen everything, but an angry chick is by far the scariest," I say, just joking around but Sam doesn't find it very funny.

"She's really hurting right now. We need to help out as much as we can," Sam says, "It must be really important if someone is going to take it."

"How do we find the box? What do you suggest we do?" I say and Sam stops.

"I think you know how." Sam says and continues walking. I shake my head, in disbelief that he's actually considering that.

"You ready?" Sam asks, fanning out a lot match. We'd driven to the outskirts of the small town and found an abandoned warehouse. There were multiple candles lit, the only source of light and heat in the mostly empty room. In the center of the room, a red star had been sketched.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I say, shaking out my arms and rolling my neck. We hadn't told Layla we were doing this, and I was increasingly getting worried about her. It was better for her to stay away, though. It would be too advanced for her to be here. Plus, this is only the second time we've done this, so we weren't exactly experts ourselves.

Sam reads from a large leather bound book over a pentagon shaped bowl of mixed herbs. We had obtained a sketched picture of the box Layla had described earlier from Bobby. Layla's parents had shown him when they were alive, and consulted with him on the meaning and safety. Which, Bobby had yet to reveal the full meaning of. We hadn't really had all that much time to ask while gathering the necessities for the summoning.

In a flash a body is standing in the middle of the red star. An old women, really she's ancient, was staring at the two of us with solid black eyes. She pulled up her lip and sneered at us.

"What am I here for?" She scowled. Sam looked at me, and I held up the picture of the box.

"Identify this, and tell us where it is." I order, and she looks at it. She smiles with knowledge, shaking her head.

"Now why would I do that?" She asks, cackling. Sam throws some holy water on her, causing her to hiss with pain. Her skin sears for a moment.

"Comply or we'll do it again. We've got way more where that came from." Sam says, and I nod. The old lady looks between the two of us, then at the box.

"There's no way in hell I'd ever tell you." She says and laughs. Sam throws twice as much holy water on her, and she falls to her knees. Sam hits her again, and again, until she screams out a plea.

"Ok!" She says, the holds up her hands in surrender.

"You're going to tell us who has it and where it is." I say, crossing my arms. She nods, whimpering. Damn, what a weak demon.

After leaving the warehouse, we drive back to the motel. I say goodnight to Sam and tell him I want to take a walk.

"You? Walking? Are you going soul searching?" Sam laughs at me and I roll my eyes. I don't even have the patients to respond and slam the door. I was actually planning on checking on Layla, not that I wanted Sam to know.

"Hello?" I call, knocking on the door for the third time. I figure she must sleeping already, so I turn away. While I do, I notice something different... But I just can't put my finger on it.

Then, I get it. Layla's car wasn't there.

I break into her room with my card, only to find it cleaned out. I turn away, rushing up the stairs.

"Sam," I say, waking him up. He jumps awake and sits up.

"What is it?" He asks, brushing some hair out of his face.

I take a deep breath, wanting to murder the girl, "Layla's gone."

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