Ch.15: Planes Boats and Everything Cold

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Ch.15: Plains, Boats, and Everything Cold

Percy's pov

you'd expect the world to be silent, everyone hiding from the danger. Wondering why it's snowing in the middle of the summer. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say, nothing can stop a New Yorker.

Heading into Western Long Island, driving on the high way, there was a lot of traffic. I missed riding in the car. On Planet Epsilon, our army's planet, we don't use cars. so I missed it all.

there were six of us piled into a car made for delivering beauty products. Lets just say, it gets really cramped. I was freezing, I didn't bring a winter coat, all I had was a jacket. I didn't bring my winter coat because it was not suppost to be cold and snowing. I have a feeling we'll be having a white fourth of July not a white Christmas.

I sighed looking out the window. All my memories from my horrible yet thrilling adventures that I would leave for and not come back for a while. Like the old times I was about to go into a horrible quest that would end in away we wouldn't expect.

If only I new this before we headed out.

I love snow. It's the best stuff ever, in less you walk in it with none water proofed shoes, it's snowing to the point were you have an inch of snow on your head within five minutes and you're only wearing a jacket. Oh and on top of all that, you completely for get that you can make your self stay dry!

Honestly, mortals are determined little things. If it's snowing this hard and no one is looking a bite freaked out I don't know what this world has come to.

The van pulled over by a bus stop to let us out. Now if you've ever seen six adult demigods try to get out of the back of a tiny van, lets just say you would be very amused. After ten minutes of some very colorful words in Greek we all pilled out of the car and on to the side walk. When Thalia (the last person to get out of the van.) was out and safely on the side walk the van speed away with a speed that would've gotten the driver a speeding ticket.

I wasn't to excited about riding on the bus, I don't think Annabeth was very excited too. On my defense if you go back and look nothing good ever came out of riding on a bus. So all in all, I wasn't jumping up and down with joy when it came to riding the bus. While we waited for the bus to pull up I sat there starring at a puddle in the rode. Thalia and Grover played a game of hacky sack, a small smile feel apoun my lips. Them playing hacky sack reminded me of the time me, Annabeth, and Grover played hacky sack and Grover ate the apple we had used. Will played thumb war with Annabeth and lets just say, never play that with her (she will kill your thumb, and yes I speak from passed experience.) And Travis was pick pocketing people who walked by.

I opened my back pack and took out a granola bar. I sat there and ate it while it crumbles on to my lap. I was thinking about the weather back at camp Half-Blood when Annabeth sat down right next to me. I sighed, "I know it's a bad omen," I said under my breath. Annabeth looked at me weirdly. "What's a bad omen?" she skeptically asked, I looked at her "the rain at camp Half-Blood during our send off." She gave me a look, slapped the back of my head, and said "it was just a coincident, that's all." I sat there rubbing the back of my head and gave her a look before saying "and getting stalked by cows was just a coincident?" She looked at me real serious and said "that's different, I knew she was out to get me." I smiled sweetly and said "how do you know?" Then I added " I know it's a omen, sooo? Am I correct because you just said you knew that the cows were no coincident, so I have all the right to say it was no coincident with the send off." She huffed and leaned back in her chair not speaking. She knew she walked herself into that one.

Finally the bus came to a stop were the Six of use were seated. I grabbed my pack and so did everyone else. Just to be sure I walked over to Grover who was the last in line to get on the bus. As I walked up I saw that he was being very skittish. I asked "smell any monsters?" He shook his head and said "not yet but I still wouldn't be ungraded. Way to many monster attacks happened to us on buses." I nodded "I don't like buses either any more." Grover climbed on to the bus and I was right behind him.

We sat in the back of the bus. The bus wasn't that full but it had a decent amount of people on it. This trip I was determined to not be a criminal. I sat next to Grover. I haven't seen the guy in about ten years and I wanted to hang out with him a little bite.

Grover pulled a map of the united states out of his pack and also pulled a thing of stickers and a red sharpie. What I didn't get was the stickers. He spread the map between the both of use and pulled out sticker with pictures of boats plains and snow flakes. Lets just say I thought he was going crazy. I looked at Grover and asked "what are the stickers for exactly?" he looked at me and said "we're going to map out were the snows. What places we're taking a boat, plain, or car. And what rout we're taking." I nodded now all the stickers made sense to me.


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