Oh my lawd. Imma doin anotha.

I do not own MARVEL. All rights belong to Stan Lee, MARVEL and others who have worked hard and have done an amazing job on MARVEL movies and t.v. shows. I only own my OC(s), their dialog, and their plot lines.

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how awesome the turnout was for Lure.

Like holy shit

You guys rock! You are literally my Dean to my Cas. Or my Coulson to my Daisy. Or even my Stitch to my Lilo. You guys are so fuckin awesome.


So... With that being said... I dedicate this second book to all of you new and old readers. I am so happy you are here and have decided to bless me with all of your wonderful dark and pure souls.

Do me a favor and give yourself a huge ass hug from me to you. Because ya'll deserve it.

Again... Thank you so much and I hope you all enjoy this book. :)

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