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Good Evening/Morning, Lovely Readers! I am Aria Chowdhary. Easterneva23

Welcome to the Talk show- know ur author!

After Lot of Drama and chaos in the club and With me here on Wattpad. I am back again with a total  HOT NEW TOPIC. *Winks*.

Without any delay let's get this show started. *Drums Roll, Confetti popping.*

It is truly a great honor for me to interview most followed the author on wattpad and not to mention most loved too

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It is truly a great honor for me to interview most followed the author on wattpad and not to mention most loved too.

So, Please welcome Olga_GOA  *Applauding and greeting Olga*

Hi, Olga! Can I call you Olga, right?

Hi, Aria. Yeah, you can call me Olga 😊 I don't like to be pompous queen 😉 I'm a simple girl 😉

Thanks for your compliments. I'm blushed 😄. I'm so grateful to you for such sweet words at my address. It means so much to me being loved by people - that is the best award I could ever get for my books.

Ha ha ha, you are too sweet. So Olga, before we get started. You are the very First Interviewee of this "TALK SHOW! - Know ur Author" and I and My team Like to thank you for accepting our request.

And I'm honored to be interviewed, Aria and glad to meet and talk with lovely, sweet people and my readers 😊

Hi to all 😊

Me too! I am so Glad I had this chance to interview you. so let's get this show started! My first and foremost question to you Olga - You ready?

Yes, Very much. Shoot it. *Winks*

Alrighty! Your books are very much loved by the readers of wattpad. But I have seen the comment section of your books and they constantly try to know more of you, on a personal basis. You know what I mean? *shrugs*

They most definitely can hear your voice through books. But who is this mysterious girl behind those words?

Thank you for asking. Actually, I'm a simple accountant, had been for more than 15 years now. I was born in Moscow -Russia, and always dreamed of showing my side of the world through my books to the whole world and also I kinda wanted to refresh my life with writing.

Wow! RUSSIA! It's refreshing to see some good writers with creativity on wattpad from Russia. Alright to next question.

Where do you find Inspiration to write and keep Writing?

My inspiration came to me in 2013. I thought why not to try writing a book with a unique plot and unique story of love that people never read before? To write a story where characters both so wild and smart, so impatient and passionate.

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