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Hi everyone! Ugh I know this probably sucks but I'm sorry okay?! Pls don't kill me, I've been really busy and fucking tired.

This One Shot is for 1DerfullyPayne because she politely requested one a while back and here it is!

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"Um, you look beautiful," Calum murmured softly, his cheeks slightly pink.

I grinned, "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself." He laughed and grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise babe, I can't tell you." I'm pulled further down the road with pouted lips as Cal nervously looked around and I can't help but smile. He looks so cute and innocent.

"I'm so happy you agreed to come with me tonight."

"There's nowhere I'd rather be." I replied cheekily. "You know, Calum, I've been waiting ages for you to ask me out."

"Well it took me bloody long enough but I did. I just didn't know how to ask you." I giggled and looked up to see that we were approaching the pier. Waves crashing could already be heard and I felt my eyes involuntarily widen. The beach, for a first date? How amazing could this get?!

"This is fantastic!" I exclaimed, swiftly pulling off my shoes and sinking my toes in the sand. I'd rarely get to come to the beach-despite the short distance-because I was always busy with schoolwork and actual work at my most recent job.

"You really like it?" He questioned, sitting down on the already laid out towel and gesturing for me to join. I oblige, my eyes scanning over the beautiful horizon and sunset before me.

"It's beautiful. Thank you for taking me out here."

Calum chuckled, throwing an arm over my shoulder and pulling me close. "I hope you don't mind Chinese takeout because that's all I could think of."

I raised an eyebrow at him and laughed, "How'd you know takeout was my favourite thing in the world?!"

He pouted, "I'm not your favourite thing in the world?"

"Oops, I meant besides you of course babe."

"Oh I'm sure," Cal mocks teasingly, pulling out two boxes of chicken and rice, passing one to me. I graciously dug in and kept up small talk with Calum until we were both done.

He burped loudly and I smack his chest playfully. "Hey!" I'm surprised when I find myself pushed back, the brown eyed boys fingers digging into my side.

"S-stop! I'll f-fucking kick y-y-you in the b-balls I s-swear!" I threaten and he immediately backs off instead standing up and running towards the water.

"Come swim with me Isabel!" Cal demands, slipping off his t shirt. I can't help but drool at his toned abs, my mouth nearly dropping to the ground.

Laughing, I wait till he's turned around to pull off my shirt and shorts, quickly joining him. We spent a few hours just splashing and playing around that I almost had forgotten my curfew was 11.

"Fuck! Calum I'm half an hour late! My parents are gonna kill me!"

His eyes widen and he sprints towards me, lifting my body over his shoulder. I'm giggling hysterically as the crazy boy drops me by my clothes while he gathers up our picnic stuff. I pull the material over my head and am halfway through sliding on my shorts when Calum kisses me unexpectedly on the lips.

"I-I didn't think I'd be able to do it later, so I wanted to do it now." He blushed vigorously, shifting from foot to foot. Swiftly I pressed my lips to his again, allowing it to last longer than expected.

"You can kiss me anytime Cal. I don't mind."

"Perfect. Now lets going, I don't want your parents to have my head on our first date. Then we wouldn't have a second one."

I laughed and allowed him to intertwine our fingers again as we exited the beach. The thought of my parents fury didn't even cross my mind until I get to the front door.

"The lights aren't on, maybe they're-"

"Isabel, it's nice of you to finally come home," Dad spoke with cold eyes, glaring at me. Shit.

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