My Thoughts

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AN: This is dedicated to JynxBabe for inspiring me to write this piece. Thank you so much!!!

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My thoughts spilled out on a page

My mind the inkwell, my mouth the quill

And like ink, leave a trail on a clean canvas

Dark spots, scribbled words

Here and there

Linking together childhood fantasies and adolescent dreams

Sometimes so full

Though there is nothing but silence...

The intelligence in knowing nothing

Yet the idiocy in knowing everything

Emotions are experienced

Memories are ingrained

Fears are embraced

Opinions, voiced and heard

Walls built up to keep my thoughts

Safe from the world

And in the depths of my mind

Where no other has ever been

There one constant thought you

You came and saw

You experienced my mind

Sifted through my memories

challenged my opinions

And added wisdom to my inner being

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