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It was the night that we were picking up the exchange students from a Muggle airport, Mr Weasley has placed an extension spell on well... everything. There are twelve spare rooms, one for each of them, there are three extra bathrooms and every other room has been made to fit twelve other people.
I think it's a waste of time, they'll be bratty anyway, come on they're taking a 'maid' with them, doesn't that just scream I'M A SPOILT RICH KID!
We sat in the car, once again extended for twelve more people, and drove to the airport, Harry and I gave instructions on how to get there the entire time.

Magical time skip

"What do think they're like?" Ginny asked while holding a sign that said 'Welcome Royal family'

"I don't know, but I think that it'll be for the best if we don't assume," Mrs Weasley said giving Gorge a pointed look that clearly said no pranks. We stood by the gate of the plane that they were arriving on, the doors open and the pilots enter along with flight crew and first class passengers, twelve of which looked just like the photos.
"Hey! Guys, here they are!" A blonde girl who I'm guessing is Annabeth called her Grey eyes filling with curiosity as she looked at us. 

"Well I guess you are good at looking through crowds," Leo mumbled handing Annabeth some strange coins. 

"Oh, we're being rude!" The 'maid' Calypso said quietly while Jason gave her an encouraging look maybe she doesn't talk often?
"Nice to meet you, I'm Percy," Percy had a half smile as he held his hand politely for Mr Weasley to shake, 

"Well nice to meet you all I'm Mr Wesley, this is my family,  Percy, George, Ron, Ginny and my wife Molly," he pointed to each member of the Weasley family as he spoke, we introduced ourselves as we went to collect their luggage. I made a side note about the Royals: they never fully smile. Odd.

We walked into the car park the night sky glowing with stars, 

"Hey guys Zoë's out tonight," Thalia muttered to her siblings while pointing at a constellation, 

"Who's Zoë?" Ron asked, and the be honest I was curious too.

"An... old... friend," Nico murmured while Will placed a hand on his shoulder with tears in his eyes, another note about the Royals: simple things can hurt them, like questions and the stars. How can stars make people feel bad? We climbed into the car and the Royal family seemed quite surprised at the fact we could fit so many people into one car. 

"Hey, Ginny?" I asked quietly,

"Mhm," she said just as quietly, 

"There is something strange about the royal family," I murmured "I just can't find out what." She nodded looking thoughtful, after that the both of us spent most the car ride in silence, why we spoke again? Annabeth started screaming.

Hey, guys, I'm really sorry at how bad this chapter is and how short it is and well that I sorta left you on a cliffy but don't worry all will be revealed.

And I have a question, should Luna be a lost sister of Annabeth? Pls, comment what you want.