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"They're coming for us Mags." He breaths into my sagging shoulder. "They've sent snipers this time, lots of them. I don't think-" He doesn't finish his sentence, he doesn't have to. We both know this is it.
    Together we've somehow managed to survive  poison gases, leaked into our town, two deadly plagues, vicious betrayals and cruel murders, man hunts calling our names, but this is the end, we both know it. It's too late for us. I'm wounded and he won't leave my side. That's the worst part I suppose, he won't run anymore because I just can't. I cough, and blood spurts out of my mouth. At least we'll die together.
I gaze at him, tears prickling in the corners of my cloudy eyes. One final time, I tell myself.  I reach up, with shaking fingers, to smooth back his beautiful, matted chocolate hair. My eyes clench tightly in pain, as I lean in one last time to kiss him. I can't reach his lips, all of my energy has drained out of my side, along with the deep, red pool of blood we're standing ankle-deep in. I plant one last kiss on the bridge of his nose and collapse into his loving arms, once and for all.
Everything is fading now. Static fills my ears, blackness begins to cloud my vision. I can feel his strong arms enveloping my body. I lean into him,
one last time.
I can hear shouts in the distance, they're coming. I should be afraid, but I'm not; I'm dying anyways. At least I'll perish with him.
As the shouts grow nearer and the darkness creeps closer, I hear him whispering the lyrics to our wedding song into my buzzing ears.
"Sunshine, you are my only sunshine." He hums. I smile weakly. It seems like ages since our wedding, alright it's really only been three, tragic months. It's devastating that we'll never get to grow old together, we'll never have children. We will never share lifelong memories. We will never even get to finish the simple life we dreamed about. His low voice continues to sing softly as the gunfire and shouts close in on us. "You make me happy when the sky's are grey," He rocks me back and forth. The gunfire is right outside our door now. I hear a crash, but the darkness is almost complete and the world has blurred beyond sight. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, please don't take my sunshine aw-" a gunshot rings out and suddenly we're falling, falling... falling.
We collide with the ground. His skin grows cold beneath me. Freezing skin, stilled heart, deathly silence.
                           He is dead.

"Please don't take my sunshine away." I whisper hoarsely. My last breath escapes me and then... And then... Nothing.
The darkness is fatally complete, but at least we died together. Right? Right.

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