Chapter 24: The Wolf

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"Charlotte?" Marcus' voice laced with fake concern carried over the lawn toward Levi and I. I felt my beast rip at my brain, she wanted his head, as did I. He walked a down the steps of the porch and stopped to look at me. His fake relief was almost convincing, so good he should probably win a damn Oscar. "Baby, thank God! You have no idea how worried I was!"

"How did you find me?" I bit out harshly. I could see him flinch a little and smiled inwardly to myself. Good.

The blonde man stepped towards Marcus then leaned on the stairwell and looked at us amusingly. "We met at a little diner down the road. Said he was looking for his wife, thought she ma have come up here cause someone saw a truck she was driving at a gas station up this way. Lucky for him we had heard rumors about her and thought we would help him get her back. Hate to see a man broken up from his wife."

Levi snarled as vexation coursed through my veins. He found me. Shit. I thought I had been clever, I thought no one would see. I thought wrong.

But it didn't matter. I wasn't going back to him, I would never back to him.

I wasn't that girl. I was not her anymore. That life of mine died when I took that bear's life and walked away a new person, a new wolf.

"Come on over here honey and we will let your friend go." I looked over at Levi who was ready to charge at them, but I knew there was a better way to do this. We had to be smart.

"Do you trust me?" I whispered over to him.

He flickered his icy silver eyes over to me and held my gaze in his for a tense moment. "Course girl."

"Then go with it," I answered back.

I stepped towards Marcus; Levi grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. "No."

"Trust me, Levi," I whispered back. He released my arm as Elliot stepped up to him. Both of them watched me with a mix of rage and horror.

Eight rogues were a lot, but after killing a damn grizzly bear my wolf and I felt confident. I trusted her and she trusted me. Our blood started to course with rage, a fire of furious energy that we knew was the alpha in us starting to ignite in our veins. The men all stiffened as I walked closer to them. They could feel her, feel my wolf. They would feel her. They would feel her damn teeth when she crushed their necks.

They watched me curiously as I approached. Some started to look like the regretted being there, they didn't know that two alpha wolves were living here. Their wolves were weak. Sick. On the cusp of death, hell, they smelled like death itself.

I walked closer and let my wolf come forward. She eyed them all and snarled at them, visibly shaking some of them.

Hell hath no fury like the rage of a pissed off female alpha werewolf, and right now, we were livid.

"Charlotte dad and I are almost there, three minutes tops, just keep stalling." Remi's voice hurriedly came across the link and I had no doubt they would be there sooner than that. They were damn fast, he was damn fast, but right now my wolf was a second away from tearing into her prey; they needed to hurry.

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