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Okay okay. I know this book is about tags, but I'm not getting tagged. At all. I guess this will just be a rant book. Just gotta change the misleading cover now.


Alright so I recently got braces and the hurt like hell. Comment if you feel the pain. I got so many cuts in my mouth now...it's really hard to get used to them. Who am I kidding. It has only been 3 days since then. I legit got my extraction and braces on the same day. Extraction meaning they pull my tooth out. Yep, it was pretty nasty. Still is. Now you ask me, did it hurt? Nahhh. It was my baby tooth so I didn't feel a thang. They froze part of my mouth for it and I talked funny for a couple hours. In conclusion, I only wrote this to explain the pain. And I think that's all.

Peace out! (Wow so original...shut up I couldn't think of anything better to end this rant...well you good have just said goodbye...nahhhh too old school...crap, I'm talking yo myself again...please end the brackets here)

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