Chapter 2

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You and Grayson clean up breakfast and go up stairs to find Ethan. You had made plans to take the boys out for a birthday lunch with their family. Grayson went to his room to get ready and you went to Ethan's room. Ethan had just gotten out of the shower. His wet body made you want to jump off a cliff. You watched as a bead of water rolled down his back and onto the towel. Ethan turned around to grab his shirt when he saw you biting your lip. "Princess" he said knowing that it made you melt inside. "Ethan" you groan. "What princess" Ethan says kissing your neck. "We have to go to lunch" oh say pushing on his chest. "No we don't we could stay here and have fun" Ethan says smirking. "What about Grayson?"you ask. "He can wait" Ethan says smiling. You move away from Ethan and change into a nice dress. Your dress was black but it was tight and you knew Ethan couldn't resist trying to take it off of you. "Babe ca you change your dress it's making me want to fuck you even more" Ethan says looking you up and down biting his lower lip. "No" you say putting on your heels and walking out of the room.

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