Entirely Completely Wholly

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 After their next potions lab, Zelda lingered after the ending bell. Professor Ballentine gave her a suspicious glance when Imogen and Ava scampered off to their next class without her. Zelda approached the professor at her desk.

"Why does you staying after class cause me such concern these days?" Professor Ballentine asked.

Zelda shrugged. "You tell me."

"You look like my dog when he's gotten into the wastebin." Ballentine sat back in her chair, arms folded across her chest.

Zelda let her head flop back and forth in vague, noncommittal gesture, but at this Ballentine rose and closed the door. "Spill," she commanded.

"I need your help. Professor Weymouth said you were tracking a Thaumaturge in Erimount—"

Professor Ballentine held up a hand. "Pause. Professor Weymouth should not have told you anything of the sort. What I'm doing is a top secret investigation for the ICG, not something for a GIT to be meddling in."

"I'm not meddling. Just... " Zelda paused to find the right word. She opted for Ballentine's. "I'm investigating. We found the elves in St. Germains Shoe Emp—"

Professor Ballentine interrupted her again with a hand. She pressed her eyes closed and her brows knit together. Then as if nothing had happened, she looked up at Zelda and said, "Continue."

"We found the elves that George St. Germain is hiding in his store and using to make the shoes he sells. He has what they call their Heartstone under a spell of some sort, they mentioned a brass box. With the stone in his power, he can keep the elves from leaving. Their magic is reliant on—" Zelda was interrupted yet again when Professor Weymouth threw open the door to the classroom and let it smash off the wall with a deafening crash.

His mouth pressed into a very severe frown. "Ellie... Professor Ballentine," he corrected at the sight of Zelda. "How many times do I have to tell you? Do not summon me by planning my murder in graphic detail. It's a very unpleasant vision to get in the middle of lunch."

"Ellie?" Zelda asked. She'd heard other professor address Ballentine as "Helga", but never "Ellie".

"No need to be dramatic, Grayson." Ballentine said, waving him off. "Zelda was just telling me about the elves, she seems to have found them and believes St. Germain has their — what was it?"

"Heartstone," Zelda answered.

"It's 'Professor Weymouth' in front of students," Weymouth insisted.

Ballentine rolled her eyes. "She needs our help."

Zelda nodded. "I was barely able to brew a shrinking potion once when Imogen was closing the store. I doubt I'll be able to investigate St. Germains again with the festival coming up."

Professor Ballentine's brows shot up at this. " A shrinking potion? Those are extremely difficult. Do you have some left over?"

"Now is not the time," Weymouth cut in. He rounded on Zelda. "I specifically told you not to get involved. Professor Ballentine and I were both aware of George St. Germain's interest in the Consortium of Thaumaturgy."

Zelda straightened. "But now you know how he is keeping the elves under his control."

"She's right," Ballentine said. "I had nowhere to start, but now I have at least some idea of what I'm looking for."

Professor Weymouth looked mildly irritated at being disobeyed, but his shoulders fell when he released a heavy sigh. A look passed between him and Ballentine that looked a lot like admiration. "Well..." He shrugged his shoulders. "It's not like I can stop miss Ravensdale it seems, and if you're fine with it, Ballentine, it's fine with me. It's your case anyways."

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