8: fuckboy

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I got up from my room and opened the door yelling, "WHATTT!!!"

"Wanna have a sleep over in my room?"

"Sure I guess. I'll make popcorn for the both of us."

"There's 3 of us." He said.

"Three of us? Didn't Erick leave?"


*back to reality*

"No Erick is gonna stay with us the rest of the summer." Chris said.


"Yeah is there a problem?"

"Yes there is a problem" I lowered my voice and said, "you know I like him."

"I thought he was a fuckboy?" He made a confused expression.

"Yes, I'm starting to fall for a fuckboy." I muttered.

"He's not a fuckboy."


I was about to close my door when he put his foot. "Where's the popcorn?" He asked.

"I hate you" I said walking out the door.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen. Erick was there. Why did Chris have to invite him to stayyy here...ughhh!

"Hey." Erick said smiling.

"H-Hi." I said nervously.

I went to the cabinet and got the popcorn. I put the popcorn in the microwave and put 2:45 for the time.

As I was waiting I saw that I left my book down here and I started to read it.  I saw Erick looking at me...obviously I started to freak out but I proceeded to read my book.

Beep. Beep. Beep

The popcorn was ready. I got a big bowl and put the popcorn in the bowl. I got my book, and the popcorn, and went up stairs leaving Erick alone in the kitchen.

I heard running upstairs and Erick said, "why'd you leave?"

"Why do you care?"

"I-I don't-"


I left the popcorn and went back to my room to get some stuff.

I know it's just across the hall but I'm to lazy to do that so might as well get all my stuff at once.

I gathered all my stuff and went to Chris's room.

When I opened the room they were already eating the popcorn and bowl was half way.

I put my stuff down and said, "what the hell!"

"What" Chris said.

"You guys are almost done with the popcorn!"

"Oops" Chris said.

"The rest is mine."

"Fine, only because you made them."

I got the bowl of popcorn and crashed on Chris's bed.

"So what are we gonna do?" I asked eating the popcorn.

"Whatever we want I guess." Chris said.

"Let's play truth or dare." Erick said.

"That sounds like fun." I said.

"Truth or dare Erick" Chris said.


"Is it true that you have not kissed anybody?"


"Okay truth or dare Jazmin"Erick said.

"Dare" I smirked.

"I dare you to tell me who you like."

"I-I don't l-like anybody."

"Come on Jazmin you have to like someone."

"I don't okay?"

"Fine." He said.

"Truth or dare" I told Chris.


"Ugh you guys are lame.  Is it true that you stopped wetting the bed at age 9?" I smirked.

He looked down and said, "Yes"

I laughed and laid down on his bed.

"I call this half of your bed Chris."


I took out the book that I'm reading and started to read it.

"Jazmin you're such a party pooper why are you gonna read." Chris said.

"Hey, I'm not the one who chose truth instead of dare."

He didn't say anything after that. I kept on reading/trying to hear what Christopher and Erick were talking about. Any way this sleep over wasn't really that great.

I got my phone put my earphones in and started to listen to music.

I started to browse through people's snapchat stories. Erick and Chris had already fallen asleep so I decided to take a picture and caption it with "these dorks fell asleep🙄". Then I went to sleep.




I kept my eyes closed.

"Jazmin!" The whisper got louder.

"What!" I said groaning.

"Get up!"

I turned to face up on the bed to see Erick hovering over me.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Waking you up!"

"What time is it" I said still half asleep.

"Mm about 5:30 am" he smirked.

"ERICK WHAT THE HELL!" I whisper yell.

I turned to my side pulled the bedsheets over my face and went back to sleep...


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