Quiting the Gaurd Part 2

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  ~~Jin's point of view~~

  I couldn't believe what had just come out of Adam's mouth. Max, Ross, and Shelby were alive. And on top of that, they were the famous thieves from Overwatch! I looked at Jess to see her as shocked as I was at this news. And I thought today was gonna be normal.

"Adam are you sure? You might of just gotten hit really hard when Mei smacked you with his frying pan and-"

"I KNOW WHAT I SAW!" Adam stood up yelling, slamming his hands on the table. I recoiled at the tone in his voice.

"Adam calm down." Jess tried to soothe him. "We're just a little... shocked at the news." Adam sat back down looking less upset but pain was still visible on his face and who could blame him? We were all crushed at the news of their orphanage burning down, Adam and Tim especially, but for them to be alive and not tell any of us, that's really gotta hurt.

"I'm sorry guys I'm just really stressed out and the royal guard is probably coming for my head too." He said. This caught my attention.

"Adam, what did you do?" I asked. Jess nodded, indicating that she wanted to know as well.

"Okay one, stop calling me Adam, you know I go by Sky now. And two, I may have yelled in Zelious' face and quit the guard right in front of him." He said, his voice shrinking at the end.

"YOU WHAT!" Me and Jess yelled at him while he made his "WEEOOO" scream. I still don't know where that comes from but I'm too mad to ask right now.

"Sky what is wrong with you!?" Jess yelled at him, remembering to use the nickname he told us to use.He held up his hands in defense and Jess looked about ready to strangle him.

  "Alright before you yell at me-"

  "We already have." I stated bluntly with my arms crossed. Sky just glared before continuing.

  "Before you yell at me more, I had a good reason"

  "And that is?" Jess asked as she held herself back. Sky looked down with an expression of hate upon his face.

  "He was going to kill them." Me and Jess were taken aback, not just because Zelious was going to try and kill Max, Ross, and Shelby, but because Adam looked dangerous. Never before have we seen Sky this angry in his life about anything. If I didn't know any better I could've sworn that smoke was coming out of his nostrils every now and then. I stood up and put an arm on his shoulder.

  "It's okay Sky," I said calmly as he looked at me "there's no way we're going to let them do that when we just got the three of them back. Wherever you're  going, we're going too. Right Jess?"

  Jess cracked her knuckles and agreed with a sly smile "I will totally pound them into the ground if I have to." Me and Sky looked at Jess with our mouths agape.  She blushed and chuckled nervously. "Um, too harsh?" Sky quickly shook his head.

  "It doesn't matter. Hey Jin, is Preston house sitting this week?" He asked. I nodded my head, Preston comes over every weekend to house sit while me and Jess went to go hang out with Adam. "Good then I guess we can head out and-" Adam stopped halfway through the sentence as we all looked up.

  "Did you guys here that?" I asked. They both nodded their heads. We waited awhile and the same sound came again.

  "It sounds like foot-steps." Said Jess.

  "But where's it coming from?" Adam seemed to know as he ran outside, me and Jess quickly following him. We looked up at the same area Adam was looking and there they were, Overwatch.

  "Guys!" Adam tried to grab their attention but they kept running along the roof tops. They probably couldn't hear us.

  "Nick come on hurry up!" We heard a voice behind us. We turned around to see a boy with blond hair running backward while shouting at another boy but with brown hair.

  "Well sorry I don't do as much cardio as you Cory!" The brown haired kid, most likely Nick, yelled at his friend who was probably Cory.

  "Nick I swear to god shut up we have to catch those guys!" The Cory kid yelled back as he started sprinting forward while watching the rooftops while his friend staggered behind him. We all froze.

  "Adam are they part of the guard?" Jess asked. Adam shook his head no.

  "Well their still chasing our friends so we have to catch up to them!" I yelled dashing after them. The others followed behind me and Adam quickly took the lead. We ran for a good long time until we reached the end of the village. Adam stopped for a moment and looked for tracks, he quickly found them heading into the woods and we all quickly followed. By the time the sun had set we were standing in open plains with a treehouse on the far edge of the area. We quickly looked around searching for the two kids and the other 3.

  "AHHHHH!" (If you can guess what happens next you get a cookie) We whirled around to see a kid in a squirrel hoodie, who we now know as Ross punching the Cory kid in his face and knocking him unconscious. Everyone stared at him in shock and he looked at everyone, including us, and answered with one signal sentence. "He startled me."

  "ROSS WHAT THE HECK!?" Max yelled


  Sky must of seen this happen before because he almost immediately got over it and ran over to Max, Ross, and Shelby. "Guys I can't believe your alive!"

  "Adam?" Shelby asked as she glanced at everyone in the area. "What are you all doing!? You're not supposed to be here alright. This is our secret base!" She yelled.

  "Well thanks for telling them Shelbs!" Ross yelled at her as she flushed and apologized. We heard a groan as Cory got up.

  "Why do I feel like I just got trampled by a million squirrels?" He asked rubbing his head.

  "You got trampled by one squirrel at least." Jess remarked.

  "Are you okay?" I asked him. I could here Adam, Max, and Ross yelling back and forth at each other along with Jess and Shelby trying to break them up along with a- chicken? Whatever I was mostly worried about this Cory guy.

  "Um, yah I'm fine I think I just- hhhmmmf!" He blurted out as his friend hugged him in a death grip.

  "OH MY GOD CORY I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD BECAUSE YOU JUST GOT ONE-PUNCHED AND AHHHH, DON'T DO IT AGAIN!" He yelled. 'Well he sure is chipper' I thought to myself. He was about to talk more when everyone's attention turned to a voice. I saw Tim standing there looking exhausted beyond belief he pointed up toward the sky and yelled at us to take cover. We all looked up to see a huge light in the sky and it seemed to be getting closer. Everyone stopped what they were doing and we all scattered behind trees and rocks.

  That is, accept for Jess. "JESS!" I yelled from my spot in cover. "MOVE!" She couldn't she was frozen in fear. I quickly got up despite all the protest against it and grabbed her hand and pulled her back under the rock and held her close to me. (Aww Jin that's a little close don't you think? *wiggles eyebrows*) Just as we hid the light came crashing down right in front of us. The impact shook the ground and everyone screamed in terror. As the ground shook, a flurry of colors blinded my vision and with that,
my world went black.

  (A/N Well this took me way too long to make but that's okay, I'm having fun with this and I hope you all enjoy reading it. Before I send off I wasn't to thank everyone who commented and voted for my story I really appreciate it and it inspires me to keep writing I wouldn't be here without you all. One last thing, I would like to try and keep you guys involved so before the next chapter comes out I am going to let you guys decide the names of the Skymedia's mythical spirits so look forward to that. And with that, this is AdorbzKitsune, signing out.)

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