Part 37 - Erase The Past

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"He's fine."

"Does he know about you and Serin?"

"Should he?"

"He should."

"Why?" Her response is sharp. "We stopped caring about each other a long time ago."

"Don't lie to make me feel better."

"I would never try to do that."

We don't move and I can't help but search her eyes. Anger. Frustration. That's all I see in her eyes.

"Wow," I said, laughing bitterly. "You've changed."

"You haven't."

"Maybe, not on the outside. On the inside I'm a whole other person." She didn't react to my sarcasm and instead kicked up her glare and visibly got more irritated.   My time was running out, and quickly. At the speed of light. "Just," I paused. My mind was split in two. "Meet me for coffee tomorrow morning in the Hospital Cafeteria. We can-"


*insert the worse writers block ever*

"I can't let you go-" 

"Ah, but you already did, right?" 

"Go back to check on him. They're probably doing a couple tests to make sure he's ok. Stuff you seriously don't want to see." 

"I'd rather see my boyfriend than you." 

"Fine. Go to him, then." 

She looked like she was going to leave. Like she was going to turn away and walk away. Yet, she hesitated. Her eyes dropped and met mine again. I could see the words in her eyes.

"Just like that?"  

"What do you want from me? I need you to make up your mind. Right now. I can let you go again," I felt my gaze darken with the memory. "Forever. Or, this time. I could stick to you. I could be with you." 

Her eyes narrowed, she didn't move an inch. 

"Do you know what you're saying?" 

"Depends, is an affair up your alley?" She surged towards me, and even though I knew her palm was coming- still I couldn't block her. 

You deserve this. 

The sound of her hand hitting my cheek echoed through the hall, and the red sting exploded on my face. I stared at the ground and then slowly brought my gaze back to her face. She looked, ferocious, feisty, sexy, and adorable all at once. 

"How is that possible?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper. 

"What!" I searched her eyes with my own, my heart shallow in my chest. I wasn't seeing her the same way now. No, the problem was that I was. She wasn't the girl I left behind all those years ago. No, this was the woman I thought I could pretend I didn't know. 

The woman with the long hair, big but sharp eyes, witty, sarcastic, violent, smart, annoying, sharp, unkept, attractive even when unkept, an extra piercing on her ear, the oversized clothes, a boyfriend. 

"Is that not what you want?" I asked her. Slowly, I reached for her levitating hand and pulled it towards me. Managing to pull her closer as well. My eyes dropped to her exposed collar bone, and somehow my heartbeat started to get louder. Unthinkingly, I reached out and traced the collar bone with the very tips of my fingers. It was like I wasn't even touching her. Yet, I was. My body could tell. Here she was. Standing here in front of me. Yet, in the time I'd seen her last to now she'd gotten much farther away. "You don't want me to fight for you?"

Words escaped her. 

She stared at me. 

Moments of silence passed. 

A small grin formed on my lips, and I pulled my hand away from her collar bone where the skin was now flushed. I took a step back and felt something in my eyes. Something only she could see. 

"Good enough for me," I paused, eyeing her stained pants and gray, snug t-shirt with the words: DIE HARD written on them. "But remember this. Remember I asked, and remember you didn't say no." Until next time. 

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