Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

She's gone. She's gone. She's gone.

I feel a shift inside of me, something feral, like a thread that's been snapped. It releases its dark seed, making its poison slither through my veins

There's no sign of a human, only remnants of once golden hair, glare red. Eveline did the unpredictable. She knew that I assumed Konsciou would remain safe as long as I complied to their orders. They used that against me so I would allow myself to be captured without putting up a fight. She outsmarted me. She read me before I could read her.

Angry, hot tears well in my eyes, wishing to inundate. But I don't cry. My mind acts for me, instinctively shutting down the rising emotions and numbing me into a living corpse. On their own accord, my hands rake the ground painfully as my nails dig into the dirt, the only tether keeping me grounded. I let the physical pain of my torn nails balance the pain inside me.

A weird buzzing sounds in my ears as I tilt my head to stare at the monster before me. Konsciou once told me that no one is born a monster, but she was wrong, these demons are the exception.

Detecting my anguish, Eveline levels her face, staring as blood drips down both of our faces in unison. "You could hate me all you want, but I only returned the favor you dealt me. Even if you don't remember me, I will make sure you remember this night. I'll take everything from you and make you relive it until the only thing you can see is pain. Let's make one thing clear, you and I used to be the same, but you never could read me, don't begin now." 

Why don't I remember her.

Ignore her, her words are futile, I remind myself. I feel my body tremble. I want to hurt her, I want to tear the skin from her bones just as she did to Konsciou. 

Eveline's eyes hold a strange excitement, a certain anticipation like she wants me to react. She's trying to predict my movements again, waiting to see if I attack her but I don't move.

 "Just what I expected from you. You're passive, you wait, watch, but you never could act. Even your pitiful expression won't ruin my night. The fun's just begun!" There's a sickening cheeriness to her voice that baffles even the guards beside me. Just as spontaneously, her expression changes again, narrowing in cold calculation as she cocks her head. "This was merely the start, an example to prove my point."

I keep my lips sealed. She knows nothing, she thinks I'm powerless. She has no idea of what I could do, of all the sweet possibilities that are brimming through my mind to destroy her. It's my leverage. Let her be wrong, let this be her mistake so I can make her suffer. I promise, tonight I will do anything to remain alive.

Tonight, I will make my allegiance to pain.

A malicious emotion sings its music in my ears, and I listen. I listen to its anticipation carefully, allowing it to take me. Do I act now or do I continue observing until I form a plan? The answer is obvious, read the battlefield and then pick my opening.

Satisfied, Eveline turns to face her comrades relaying their remaining orders. Meanwhile, I use her momentary distraction to my advantage. My eyes slide to the left and right as I paint a mental image in my head. From my quick glance, there's 24 enemies surrounding me in a loose circle. With space between each person, they're not close enough that I can't dart my way out. It suggests that when I release my power, I have to arc it so it moves in a circular direction. But if I escape from them, what direction do I head in? Fleeing is futile without thinking enough steps ahead. Running towards the nearest town is too obvious so that leaves the option of the mountainside villages as a plausible destination, until I can find Akitun.

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