Satan's Pet ~Part 4~

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Im so sorry it's taken me so long to post more.

I've had sooooooo much to do. i've got tones of work to do for college about 2 assisngments to write up and portfolios to do. plus i kinda wanted to finish A.I. before continuign with this story, but im waiting for more responses on that one.

so if you havent read A.I. check it never know you might enjoy it too.

Anyway here's part 4 and im sorry but it's only a short bit. More coming soon hopefully


Within minutes into the lesson notes came flying over to our table. I looked out the corner of my eye to see 'Chris' and 'Dominic's names written on them.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read one of the notes over 'Chris's shoulder then I looked at the one 'Dominic' had. By the looks of it they were all phone numbers. I had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop laughing even louder when I watched as Lucifer scrunched up Stacy's phone number.

Twenty minutes later Mr. Bron had to go out the classroom, as soon as that door closed everyone turned to stare at us again, and quick as lighting Stacy was at Lucifer's side attempting to flirt. And I mean attempting.

"Hey, cutie. I'm Stacy," she flipped her hair over her shoulder and pulled her top down lower, then leaned across the desk to see her fake DD cup.

"Hi, Lacey." Lucifer said, with no interest in his voice. Shame about his eyes though, I was watching his face and could see him sneaking lust filled looks at her breast.

"It's Stacy." She stated.

"Whatever." Again no interest.

I snorted and then turned away in my seat facing Nathanael. I gave him a confused look then whispered, "What are 'really' doing here?"

Before he could answer, Stacy tried again with Lucifer.

"You know what? Instead of sitting with that freak" she emphasised the words 'that freak', "you should come sit with me. I can show you a good time." She smirked.

I faked gagged, coursing Nathanael to chuckle. I saw Stacy out the corner of my eyes glaring at me.

"Hey!" Lucifer sounded pissed. Or really acted as if he was pissed. "My cousin isn't that much of a freak."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud to that; Lucifer chuckled, too, while Nathanael just glared at us both.

"Sorry," I whispered to him.

"I was talking about her." Stacy pointed a finger at me. "But that cute cousin of your should join us, you shouldn't hang with trash." She winked at Nathanael, but he just completely blanked her.

"Then they really shouldn't hang with you, Stacy, if they are supposed to stay away from trash." I smirked at her.

Her eyes flared with anger. "You best watch it you little bitch. I -"

"Hey!" Nathanael hissed, just as Mr. Bron returned. "How about you just go back to your seat. I'm fine right here thanks. How about you Dom?"

"Yeah, hanging with Serena is cool with me." He smiled at Stacy. "See ya, Katie."

"It's Stacy!" she shrieked.

"Erm, Miss Moore back to your seat please. Stop harassing the boys and Serena." Mr. Bron told her.

I watched as Stacy stalked back to her chair, she turned and glared at us once more before sitting down with her clones.

"So?" I asked when Mr. Bron was back sitting as his desk doing work. "What are you guys 'really' doing here?"

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