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[January 30, 2016
7:14 pm]


Complete an utter fear was all Hunter felt. He couldn't explain it nor would he try. The room felt freezing as Zheng's head snapped around like a possessed creature.

Everything happened so quick Hunter couldn't try to stop it if he could. His eyes grew wide as he watched Zheng charged.

"NO!" "ZHENG!" Hunter and Jeremy shouted but it was too late.

Zheng Lombardi-Fiu was no longer in the correct mind set.

Chief Harris thought quick as he threw up his forearms like an offensive lineman blocking a defensive back, but Zheng saw it before it happened. He slipped to the side, pushed the Harris's elbow down and away, caught his head, and rolled him into the floor.

Within seconds Harris was back to his feet, and Zheng was waiting, watching. He rushed toward Harris in slow motion, his hand knew shoved directly into his chest before a balled fist hit his face.

Chief Harris the random punches shoving Zheng away forcing the man to hit the table. Yanking his gun out he trained it on Zheng's forehead. Throwing the papers from the table into his face Zheng rushed behind the table.

Gripping underneath the table, Zheng smiled as he shoved it towards the Chief. Harris choked out breath as the table hit him directly in the stomach. The gun falling out his hand as he gripped his stomach out of reflex.

Climbing over the table Zheng jumped down onto Harris slamming his fist into his face. Angling his hand just right down on the Harris's face, shattering his nose. Soon, Zheng felt a warm, wet feeling on his hand.

Chief Harris tried to move but Zheng wouldn't let the man budge, as the taste of copper in the mouth, a sharp stinging pain right between his eyes, it will interfere with his vision.

Zheng kept punching until Chief Harris sent a rather hard punch to his cheek. Stumbling Zheng chuckled as he wiped the blood from his busted lip. Chief Harris pushed himself reaching for something.

"Freeze!" Chief Harris hissed out as he spat out the blood flowing into his mouth. He had the gun held tightly with both hands as he pointed it directly at Zheng's head. He moved back towards the wall forcing a distance between him and Zheng.

"Go." Hunter whispered as he watched Zheng stare down Harris. Jeremy sent the other man an crazy, "Go." Hunter ordered once again as he moved towards Zheng.

Zheng's eyes focused on Harris who held the gun tighter as pointed Zheng.

Zheng chuckled at the gun. "Shoot me."

"Don't make me boy. I'll put you down."

"Me down? Haha! I'm been shot more times than a target practice and I'm still alive. I keep getting back up." Zheng taunted as he stalked slowly towards Chief Harris.

Hunter moved quickly as he heard the gun clock. Grabbing Zheng's arm, Hunter shoved himself first in front of the gun. Harris immediately stiffened as he held the gun at Hunter.

"Hunter move."

Hunter didn't say anything as he stood directly in front of Harris's line of shot.

"Hunter, I will shoot."

Hunter glanced back because he held the hurried footsteps of the approaching officers. "You won't."

"This is not the time to test me, boy."

"My husband for your family. Remember that."

[January 30, 2016
8:45 pm]

Jeremy Lockwood watched as the Officers all withdrew their guns. Holding his phone out, he secretly recorded the event on case anything unnecessary happened.

"FREEZE!" One officer shouted as all guns were trained on Zheng's back. Zheng turned around, and everything went eerie quiet. Hunter's hand found Zheng's hand squeezing it. Zheng glanced back at his husband before calming down.

"Harris." Hunter voiced.

"Put your guns down. Mr. Lombardi-Fiu is gonna cooperate with us." Chief Harris announced as he placed his gun back into its holster.

"Chief you're bleeding!" A random Officer shouted out.

"Thank you for pointing out the fucking obvious Jonas! Now holster your fucking guns or else."

It took a few minutes before very officer holster their guns. Chief Harris walked around from Hunter and Zheng to leave the interrogation room.

"One of you get me a towel." Harris ordered as he walked back towards his office.

"Chief. What do we do with him?"

Chief Harris stopped turning back around to see Hunter watching him. His blue eyes holding a promise along with the warning.

"Give them a hour to gather before taking him back to the cell. No one disturb them for any reason."

Jeremy Lockwood raised an eyebrow at the order before moving to block the Officers. "You heard your boss this is a private moment and you're invading it."

One by one the Officers moved back to their previous business but some still kept watch. "Boys I think we need some secure coverage."

Immediately Zheng's men moved from their position at the doors of the police station. Standing directly in front of the one way mirror blocking the conversation.
[January 30, 2016
9:34 pm]

"Putain vous pensiez? Êtes jouet vraiment prêt à mourir? Qu'en est-il Leo? Avez-vous arrêté même de penser à Leo? Comment je lui explique que son père imbécile reçut tué? Huh, quelle idée!"

(What the fuck were you thinking? Are you truly ready to die? What about Leo? Did you even stop to think about Leo? How to I explain to him that his dumbass father got himself killed? Huh, any idea!)

Hunter hissed as he squeezed Zheng's face between his hands. Tears were bubbling up and burning in the back of his tears. Fighting them back, Hunter shoved Zheng away before moving closer to the door.

He refused to cry even if his husband was an idiot. An idiot who didn't care if he lived or died.

Jeremy didn't speak as he watched the private moment.

"Egli vi ha toccato." (He touched you.) was all that Zheng said. He didn't seem bothered by his husband's anger.

"Nǐ gǎn. Nǐ méiyǒu dédào zhèyàng zuò, bùshì zhè yīcì! Wǒ cǎiqǔle zuì zāogāo zhīqián, nǐ hé wǒ dū zhīdào. Suǒyǐ, bùyào nǐ gǎn chángshì zhèngmíng nǐ zuòle shénme." (Don't you dare. You do not get to do that not this time! I have taken worst before, you and I both know that. So don't you dare try to justify what you did.)

Hunter snapped as he turned away from Zheng completely. The other man's eyes narrowed as he took steps towards his husband.

"He bruised your skin. He tried to kill you, I will make him pay for that."

"You can't make everyone pay Zheng, you just can't."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Times up Hunter!"

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