Sweet, Sweet Revenge: Ch. 1

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Hey guys! Yesterday, while I was waiting to get my tooth pulled, this story popped into my head. I don't know why, and don't even bother asking lol. It just did. I'm not even sure if I'm going to continue it...unless you all like it. Uhm, comment and tell me what you think. Should I continue it...or forget about it? You tell me. Pretty please?

Thanks and Happy Readings! (:


Chapter One: A Reunion of Sorts

Libby's POV:

It wasn't everyday you move back to the place that was the bane of your existence. I can remember back to the ninth grade. I was attending Noble Jr. High School. I wasn't just your regular freshman. No. I was the fat nerd with the huge bottle cap glasses, clothes that weren't in fashion, not to mention that I had my nose stuck in a book everywhere I went. I was constantly teased, mocked, made fun of-you name it and I was the butt of it. About half way through my freshman year, though, my father, General John Fitz Patrick, had an assignment and we moved to France. It was a good thing though because the teasing and mocking were starting to get to me.

So now, my senior year of high school, we were moving back to Fall River, Massachusetts and for once, I'm not dreading it. Since the move, I've changed my entire look. My hair was no longer a mousy brown, uncontrollable frizzy mess. I no longer wear my bottle cap glasses, and I've since lost the weight. My hair was now straight and I dyed it a black with fire engine red highlights within. You could actually see my hazel eyes with the green and yellow specks. And, I'm now down to a size six. Which I think is great since I'm about five-six. I wasn't complaining either when my chest size grew. I had to smile at myself. I've been working so hard to change, and now that I have I'm kind of excited to see everyone's reaction. Including, and most especially, Jacob Ortego, also known as, Jax. I could think of so many ways to repay him for the torment he subjected me to since grade school. He was mean and cruel, and always thought he was the best at everything. He was, but that was so not the point. He was the all around hot shot, and now I can see him as the king of Royal High School.

Speaking of which, I was going to be late getting to Royal if I didn't stop thinking about the past and start getting ready for school. As I was getting up, I heard the General yell, "Elizabeth, you are going to be late." God, I hate it when he calls me Elizabeth. It always brought back the horrible memories of the past. Now, I go by Libby, and have since the move. "Be down here at 0700 hours," the General continued, using his stupid military time.

I rolled my eyes and looked at my alarm clock. It read: 6:15AM. That was good. I quickly made use of my shower, and then brushed my teeth. I put on my light-wash denim mini-skirt and a cute red tank and a black cardigan that tied in the front, only I just left it open. Next, I put on my black flats. I put on make-up, not a lot, but enough to make my eyes pop, and a pink tinted lip-gloss. Looking in the mirror, I decided that I looked great. Glancing once more at my alarm clock, it read: 6:57AM. Just in time. I grabbed my side bag and walked out of my bedroom.

I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, where the General was sitting at the head of the table, reading the newspaper, a coffee cup next to him.

"Good morning, General."

He lowered the newspaper and said, "You're going to be late for school."

I pfft and said, "I'm not in a hurry. I'm taking my bike."

The General narrowed his eyes. "I don't see why you have to take that thing."

I rolled my eyes. My bike was my baby. It was the same love I used to share with my mother-before she died last year. Now, it was all I had left of her. And I treated Maggie like a freakin' queen-even though she was a bike.

"It's my form of transportation."

"What about your car?"

Ha, the car. Because the General thought the motorcycle was dangerous, he bought me a Nissan 350Z. It was a shiny, sleek silver, and had only been driven a handful of times. I didn't really care for it since I had my bike.

"I like Maggie better," I said.

"Be careful." The General wouldn't take Maggie away because he knew how much it meant to me, but that didn't mean he couldn't be on my case about her every single day.

"I always am," I say as I make my way over to the coat closet. I pulled out my black, form-fitting leather riding jacket and my motorcycle helmet. "I'll see you after school."

I opened the front door and made my way out before he could say anything. I made my way to the garage and took the covering off of Maggie. She was as beautiful as ever. My bike is a Honda CR1000RR, the 2009 model. She's all black and beautiful. I yanked on my jacket and zipped it up, put on my helmet, all the while hoping I didn't get helmet hair, and finally pulled my bag across my body. I got on Maggie, started her up and started on my way to Royal High School.

Since the General and I only arrived last night, we didn't have much opportunity to look at the city again. Now that I was, I noticed that everything was...the same. The same shops, the same streets, the same...everything. Noble Jr. High still looked the same, and Royal High School-well, it didn't look so intimidating. There were banners up, welcoming the student body back. I couldn't help but laugh a little. It was already three weeks into the school year. I pulled into the road and noticed a few curious gazes come my way. Then, as I pulled into the parking lot, the students getting out of their cars all paused and looked my way. It was almost impossible to hold in my laugh, but I managed to.

I kicked down the stand and got off Maggie. Then, as anticipation was crawling all over me, I pulled off my helmet, shaking my head to release my hair. I ran a hand through it, aware of the many male eyes admiring me. So far, this was going so good. I set my helmet on the bike seat, and pulled off my book bag. Then, I started on my leather jacket. With slow precision, I zipped it off and shrugged out of it. I put my bag on again, only this time, I just set it on my right shoulder. I picked up my helmet and jacket, trying very hard to ignore the many looks I was receiving. I pulled the key out of the ignition and stuffed it into my pocket. Then, I made my way to the office.


Jax's POV:

"Shit, dude, look at that!" My friend Dylan Lee exclaimed. He was one of the only Korean students here at Royal, but he was also my best friend. I usually try and ignore him, but for some reason, I couldn't help but look at what he was talking about. When I did, my mouth was gaping.

This chick was hot to the nth degree. She was wearing a mini-skirt, my favorite by the way, a red tank top and some black sweater thing. Her black hair had red in it and she was carrying a leather jacket and a helmet. My curiosity-and interest-were just peaked.

"Do you know who she is?" I found myself asking Dylan.

Dylan shook his head. "No, I think she's new."

"I'm positive she is." Another of my friends, Michael, said.

I agreed. "I would have known her already if she wasn't," I said.

"Shit, I think Jax just called dibs." The last of my group, Callum, said.

"Damn straight," I said with a smile. "I think I'll go and start now."

As I was walking away, I could hear the guys making bets about when I'd have her in bed.

"Excuse me," I said in my innocent, yet seductive voice. "Are you new here?"

The girl turned towards me and she had a confused look on her face, then it was gone instantly, replaced by a sultry smile.

"What did you say?" she asked. Her voice was silky smooth and incredible hot.

"I asked if you were new here."

She shrugged a shoulder. "To this school, yes."

Her comment made me confused, but before I had the chance to ask her about it, she went on. "I have to get my schedule, but we'll talk later, yeah?"

She smiled and turned her back. I stood there in shock. Did I just get blown off? I didn't think about it for too long before the girl-I didn't even get her name-turned her head over her shoulder and said, "Bye Jax."

"Bye-" Wait...how the hell did she know my name?

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