Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

I stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom, fixing my dark blonde hair with my hair straightener and feeling satisfied about how I look in my light blue homecoming dress. I invite Lizzie over so we can help each other get ready and eat dinner before the dance.

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies! All the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put cha hands up!" Lizzie sings while dancing into the bathroom with her hands in the air.

I giggle. "Nice singing voice," I remark sarcastically.

She pretends to punch me in the face. "Shut up you know you love me!" she says, pouting her dark pink lips.

I unplug the hair straightener and look at myself in the mirror. Lizzie stands next to me.

"You look so pretty Nora!" she exclaims.

"Yeah, well you look gorgeous," I tell her, and she shakes her head.

"Without all this mascara and lipstick on my face I look like shit honey," she says.

"No you don't!" I gasp, "But actually, I'm serious Liz, don't put yourself down like that. Without makeup you're still a stunner and when Evan sees you tonight, he's gonna want you back."

"Oh shut up, no he won't!" she scoffs and hits me lightly on the arm with her brush. "He'll probably be too drunk to even notice me."

I laugh, "True!"

"But you and Asher are going to look so good together tonight! You'll both be wearing blue," she says dreamily.

I can't help but roll my eyes. "Oh right," I say flatly, remembering Asher texting me the day before saying that he would wear a light blue tie with his black suit so he could be matching with my dress. I've been trying to tell myself all day that I'm excited to go to homecoming and so far it's only kind of worked. I'm sure everything will turn out fine and hopefully whatever awkwardness between Asher and I will be gone. Although, I haven't actually spoken with Asher since he came over my house last week after asking me to homecoming.

"Hey girls, dinner's ready whenever you wanna eat it!" my mom announces cheerfully, poking her head into the room.

"Ok, we'll be right down," I say to her.

"Yeah, thanks Ms. O'Donnell!" Lizzie smiles.

I finish putting on my mascara when Lizzie says, "It's nice to see your mom again after so long."

I don't reply. The comment kind of irritates me because I've already told Lizzie that my mom only really cares about her job and not me. Her never being home until super late at night isn't exactly a luxury, even though Lizzie thinks it is.

"It's too bad we can't have an after party here," she sighs, as if reading my mind.

"Yeah, too bad," I say flatly.

"Hah, the one night your mother decides to stay at home is when we need her to be gone the most!" she laughs.

"It doesn't really matter, we'll just go to someone else's house afterwards," I say shortly.

"Yeah, maybe we can go to Jake's," Lizzie suggests.

"Lets just go downstairs and eat the lasagna," I say.

"Yup," Lizzie replies, and we both look at ourselves in the mirror one last time before retreating downstairs.

After Lizzie and I eat the lasagna my mom made, which was surprisingly good, Asher arrives with his mother and both my mom and his take some pictures of the three of us by the staircase and outside the house on the lawn. When we're finished looking at the pictures, Asher's mom says jokingly, "Now I know you guys were probably expecting a limo but you'll just have to deal with me as your chauffeur tonight, ok?"

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