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"Hey boo," Clark came up behind Tina, surprising her when he rested his hand on the brunette's shoulder. Tina frowned when she turned her head to the side to meet his eyes. "What?" He asked when he saw the look that crossed her face.

"That's my thing," she growled.

"I kind of like it," he shrugged. "How was your date with Louis?"

"Good," she smiled. "How was work? Fun?"

"Work is never fun," he rolled his eyes at the comment and Tina shook her head. "Are you heading to the library?"

"That I am," she nodded. "I'm debating if I want to go get coffee or not. You want to come with me? I may even buy you something, if you want."

"Do you even need to ask me that? Obviously I want something, especially when it's free," he chuckled and Tina shook her head at him, speeding up her pace, wanting to reach the coffeehouse on campus faster. She had a ton of research and studying she needed to get done for the coming week of classes.

"Okay, but that means you're coming to the library with me," she told him. "I have a whole list of books I need to find and I could use your help. And height."

"Alright, deal," he nodded and ran after her, the two reaching the coffeehouse in no time. He held the door open for the petite girl and followed after her, getting into line with her. "I'd like a café mocha."

"Extra whip cream on top?" She asked.

"Yes, please," he nodded.

"And cookies?" She grinned happily. Clark bobbed his head up and down, both of their eyes scanning over the display of baked goods and desserts. Clark crossed his arms over his chest and hummed to the soft tunes that left the speakers attached to the walls.

"What classes do you have to get ready for?" He questioned her and stepped closer to the counter.

"Astronomy, Math, English," she listed a few. "What class don't I have to be ready for? I think I overloaded my schedule this semester."

"You think?" Clark laughed before placing the two's order to the barista while Tina reached into her bag and pulled out her wallet. Tina held up her debit card and pushed it into the machine, pressing in her four-digit code while they worked to get the mocha and coffee ready for the two.

"Thank you," Tina slipped her wallet back into her bag before taking both paper cups, offering one to Clark with the indications of being a mocha on top. "Did you see River today?" She asked.

"I didn't," he shook his head. "He was in and out of the room before I even got up."

"Work?" She asked and he hummed in response, taking a sip of the hot chocolate and coffee mix.

"Why?" He questioned.

"Just wanted to know if he let you know about Indie and Harry," she explained. "They had sex last night."

"Damn Ind," he chuckled. "That was fast but why would he mention that to me?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, not that part but the part about how they have apparently decided to casually date each other."

"Indie? Casually dating?" He asked. Both Tina and Clark knew of Indie's history with guys, they knew her heart was fragile and they knew she had sworn off guys for three years because of it. River had told them the story though and neither were sure if Indie was aware they knew. They both knew she didn't share the information with many and they had promised to keep their lips sealed. That, however, didn't change the fact that both knew Indie was no causal dater. She didn't care for people who slept around or went out with others, while being with another. She was a girl of commitment even if she didn't know that. Except when it came to River.

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