So I found this while looking for a good picture for the chapter Feeling Sex Deprived i havent laughed that much in so long, I almost feel off the bed, and then it hit me, it matches his chapter so well, so enjoy!! :)


Larry Stylinson

"Up, up and away, I'll take you with me" Lou sang back, As Harry flipped them over so he was now on top, I watched them intently shocked that, they didn't stop and laugh it off. Were they really going to? "Everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you, baby you lit up my world like no body else" Harry sang leaning down towards Louis neck, kissing it. Oh god I wanted to stop watching but I couldn't pry my eyes away from them,

Why am I getting turned on by my boyfriend and brother!!! Why is the Larry Stylinson bromance so intense it makes you want to love them, to be them..... I must be sleep deprived, yeah thats it...

"Harry" Louis screamed out breathlessly. "Oh god make it stop!" I yelled putting my hands to my ears. I sighed finally tearing my eyes away from them to see Liam standing by the door. "Oh god! Liam make them stop please!" I pleaded with him as I suddenly shot up in bed. Liam laughed at my insecurity, "Bed now" He ordered, waking back to his room. Harry and Louis sighed, Harry rolled off of Lou, and sunk on to the bed next to him, cuddling into Lou chest as he placed an arm around his shoulder.

I rolled over, having this feeling of being left out, I laughed inwards thinking of how stupid I was being. I closed my eyes ready pt let sleep take over, when two people suddenly jumped onto of me. "Jealous are we?" Louis whispered in my ear sending chills down my back, I sat up looking at him, my eyes darted around the room as I bit my lip. He stopped dead staring at my face.

"Oh my carrots. Harry she was turned on!" She squelled, Harry's mouth twitched into a smirk, the smirk I hated yet loved so much. "No I wasn't!" I demanded. He gave me a questioning look someone knowing I was lying. "Liar! The corner of your yes dimple when you lie " Louis stated. "Yeah and you scrunch up to" Harry pointed out tapping me on the nose.

"No they don't and no I wasn't" I lied again, then cursed under my breath, realising I do, do that. "You just did it again" Louis laughed, pulling me in close by the waist. "It okay Claud, our bromance is pretty sexy" Harry laughed, running his hands threw Lou's hair. I scolded him slapping hand away. "Hay, thats my Boobear" Harry announced, giving me an annoyed. "No!" I protested. "HE'S MINE!" I screamed making them both laugh.

"Anyway, love birds I'm going to bed" Harry said still laughing and shaking his head, sending his curl into a crazed movement. "Okay night Haz" Lou said kissing his cheek. "Are you not sleeping with You boyfriend tonight Lou?" I asked him, as Harry got up and made his way to the other bed. "Nope, thought I'd sleep with my girlfriend instead." Lou joked pulling my down with him, settling in on the pillow, he wrapped his arm around my waist, as I placed my head on his now bare chest. "Two timer Lou!" Harry whispered from his bed. "Well, I'm glad he's two timing with you and not some bitch" I joked making them both laugh.

I snuggled into Lou kissing him on the chest, I couldn't be bothered moving my head I was to comfy. He laughed kissing my head. "Good night Claudie bear" He whispered, making my smile. "Night Boobear" I whispered back. Closing my eyes and finally rifting off to sleep.

* * *

I woke the next morning, in a good mood, much better then last night. I smiled, laying my arm out but feeling no-one there. "Lou?" I whispered sitting up in bed, I looked over at Harry's bed to see the two of the snuggled together. I chuckled softly to myself. He must have gone to sleep with Harry at some point last night. I sneakily smiled getting up and tiptoeing towards them, the looked so peaceful but not for long.

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