Chapter 17: Revelations

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Chloe's pov

No... We were too late, it happened faster than we expected. I thought we'd have the whole day, but no. I wouldn't have gotten here in time even if we hadn't gotten caught by Crescent Moon, or even if we'd walked here.

Now I was just staring at the guy who was meant to be my soulmate, after one week of being away from him and he didn't want me here. I missed him, I really did miss him, but this wasn't Brian. Daniel didn't want me here and he'd made that very clear. If he thought that I was just going to leave though, he was sadly mistaken. I was going to stay here and I'd make him remember. I'll bring Brian back.

We were alone in the kitchen after the others decided to give us some space and I was trying to figure out what to say.

"So, why are you back?", he broke the silence first.

"I came back for you", I said.

"Should have done it earlier..."

"Well, I was kind of a hostage--"

"Then you shouldn't have left!", he shouted. Ok, so wolves are short tempered, noted.

"I can explain why I did what I did, but I need you to tell me how to bring Brian back", I said.

"Why? So you can leave him again?"

"Daniel...", I pleaded with him.

He sighed and looked at me. "I don't know. Your friend is in the same situation as me, how long has she been like that?"

"Two years...", I whispered.

"Well, we do have time... Unless you have to go?"

"I said I'll tell you why", I said through gritted teeth, Daniel is really getting into my nerves. I guess he might have a point, but I don't care! It's not like I did to hurt him! But I did...

"I'm listening", he said.

I sighed and sat on a chair, resting my hands on the kitchen table. He sat opposite of me, waiting for me to say something.

"I told you that I didn't have a life all these years, not after my family died. It's true, but a few months ago, I decided that I couldn't keep living like this, I didn't want to stay alone forever. I'd been ignoring anything weird that was happening around me and I actually started making friends, at least a few of them. That lasted for a month or so before my powers started acting up. I couldn't control them and a friend of mine almost ended up dead. I sent a knife flying towards her, while we were at a public place. She was pushed away last second. She thought I actually threw it at her, and maybe that was better considering the truth, and that's how I ended up alone again. That's how Jay found me, I guess some people said I never picked up the knife, they were the ones no one believed, and that's how I ran away. Again."

I looked at him hesitantly, I didn't want to see him mad at me, but he startled me. His eyes were softer than before as he moved on the chair besides me and wiped a tear off my cheek. I hadn't even noticed I was crying.

"I'm a werewolf", he said, "we all are. It's not that easy for us to get hurt."

"I know, but I'd never forgive myself if I did something to you", I whispered.

"Chloe, look at me", he said as he lifted my chin up, "you're not going to do anything to me. You're my mate, you won't harm me, I know that. You didn't have to leave", he sounded hurt in the end.

"I've been alone almost my whole life. Having people around me who actually care, is still kind of confusing...", I whispered.

He sighed. "You should get used to it", he said and I caught him smiling for a second.

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