I waited for Harry to kiss me, as his lips hovered so closely over mine. But they didn't touch. I couldn't believe my own disappointment. He slipped his face against the side of my cheek to place his mouth right next to my ear and it felt as if the joints in my knees were melting. I flinched when I felt cold fingers slide underneath the dress shirt I wore. Such a familiar touch.

His face appeared above mine, green eyes intently focused as they peered down. Hunger washed his features, a stiff look I hadn't seen before. I didn't know why but the only thing I felt at that moment was love for him. I surprised myself when I softly pecked at his lips, the action causing his eyes to widen, and my heart rate to quicken.

The tips of his fingers drew circles on my midriff, inciting shameful feelings in me. "It's.. taking me a lot of control not to..." He trailed off, his breathing getting heavier by the second. I shuddered at the meaning in his words, the desire in his eyes. That was when I knew that this embrace was not like the ones in the past.

The tips of our noses brushed and it wasn't long before his lips crashed against mine. Satisfaction brimmed in me. The kiss was harsh, one I had never experienced before, or even really thought about. And it made me feel a little odd and tingly in some places. And I didn't resist.

Harry shifted closer in between my legs and our bodies had gotten so close breathing became a little difficult for me. He pressed down on me as we kissed and it felt like he was fitting into every possible ridge or curve there was. Breathing became quite difficult. My lips became a little fatigued from the impact with Harry's.

I shifted a little to get a breather but I felt his hands slide around my neck to hold me in place. Every single action seemed to excite me in a way I didn't know was possible. I locked my arms around his neck and tightened them. Only then did I notice that his fingers had sneakily flicked open my buttons, and was working on the last one. When he succeeded, I cut off our kiss.

A hard lump grew in my throat as Harry's eyes trailed down to the open buttons. I swallowed hard when he parted the shirt. He gently placed his hand flat against my midriff, fingers softly caressing the skin. Adrenaline pumped through the entirety of my system, a burning sensation grew in my chest.

His starved gaze shifted higher up and I instantly pulled the shirt together, embarrassment flooding my senses. A small voice in my head commanded me to escape, to sprint from the scene. But I had become so drunk with the idea of having Harry so close that I could no longer think straight.

He occupied all my senses; his scent when I breathed, his taste when I kissed him... everything. He lifted himself and grabbed the neckline of his shirt. He tugged it over his head, peeling the material off his body. When his arms lifted, I caught a quick glimpse of healed scars along the underside of his right arm. It immediately brought me back to the painting I had seen in his room. But I wouldn't question him about it now, not at a time like this.

Tattoos, all appearing to hold some dark meaning, were revealed. I hadn't paid much attention to Harry's muscular frame before but right now I dwelled on the fact that I had never found any other boy this attractive. I would've expected this image of us, in a room, in these positions, to strike me as something absolutely terrifying, but it didn't. I hadn't noticed how comfortable I had grown around him.

Harry returned to me, lowering himself. The temperature suddenly rose as his skin came into contact with mine. "I've... wanted this so bad." He breathed against my forehead before pressing a long kiss to it, and butterflies danced in my stomach.

He hungrily moved his lips down my chin, over my jaw bone, to suck lightly on the exposed skin where my neck and shoulder met. His actions were becoming more rapid. I was finally able to breathe for a short second, because in that moment of release, Harry met my hips forcefully with his own. I gasped.

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