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Alex I

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Alex was in the Gardens of Goldenhold Castle, he had taken it upon himself to walk his regular route of the Castle everyday. He saw many of the green colours fade to orange and back again. He was the King's Uncle, brother to the late King Edward. Despite his kind intentions he never had a keen liking to the new King Dayel, many never did. In the short times they spent in the presence of each other was deemed awkward. In the short chaos after King Edward's Death, Alex was one of those accused, but despite his clearing when it was discovered he was in the Barracks at the time of the death, Dayel still believed it was him. Because of this the Council reminded the masses of Alex's status, the status that was his bastard name. The King had given him the Harkinshire name but Alex agreed with Edward that he was not to be King. His reason Alex kept from everyone.

The image of Dayel when he was crowned was burned in his mind, it was a happy day but overshadowed by the tension. It had been a Month since Edward's Death and still nobody had been found.

Alex lingered, he passed the Garden's Heart sided by his Guards. There was a small gathering of Lords and Ladies in the East Garden, faint music filled his ears.

'These aught to be the finest gardens in the Realm' Alex looked around in admiration of the flora.

'The Garden itself is—' he broke off, several things happened at once: A great explosion blasted his ears. The ground shook vigorously throwing him and his guards to the ground violently. The songs and cheers from behind him suddenly turned to screams of terror. The Guards lurched Alex back to his feet 'What is happened?' he asked them steadying himself.

'Look my Lord!' the Captain pointed at the Castle, the Royal Tower was gone and a gaping hole in the side of the Castle remained.

He couldn't move. There was a great wave of dust and rock hit the Gardens, the beautiful greenery was now thick with dust and rubble.

'My Lord, we must go!' one of the Guard shouted.

Before the Lord knew it he was grabbed by his arm and pulled away from the ruin. The two Guards had hold of him and were moving swiftly back towards the Garden's Heart.

His mind was confused. Even after asking several times the Guards ignored him until they reached the Heart's Fountain. The screams had gotten louder as they approached it. Alex had but a moment to look into where the Party was and he saw Fire.

'Fire!' he shouted, pulling one of the Guards.

The great flowers and bushes were now consumed by the flames, they reached high into the Sky which Alex though would be seen from miles around.

'Go my Lord!' shouted the Guard called the moment he saw the flames.

Behind the Fountain there was a statue, the Guard kicked it and it suddenly cracked. behind it was a Hatch.

'Inside my Lord!' said the Guard

'Where does it go?' What about my Wife?

'Your Wife has Guards with her, we must go somewhere safe before we worry about anyone else.' the Guard looked back towards the ruin 'Quickly!' he pushed Alex down the hatch and the Guards soon followed.

The Tunnel was deep and dark. Alex felt as if the Walls were closing in on them the further down they went. The Walls were barely lit by small indents with candles in.

'Where does this go?' he asked 'I don't remember seeing this before'

'It was reopened when his Wedding was being organised. the King wanted an escape route incase anything happened.' Replied the Guard, they had draw their swords and their helmets pushed down across their faces.

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