37. Complicated Lessons

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Once the lecturer finished, Letizia turned to Vanessa "How are we supposed to do this? I did economics in school but the calculations the lecturer was talking about I haven't ever covered."

Vanessa spoke "Well, this particular task we are about to do is college level economics actually. That's why it won't come up in our exams. We have two choices. We either join Vincenzo's group or Tristan's to make sure we pass this task. I don't like failing."

Letizia stood up "How come Tristan and Vincenzo are good with everything? This is college level?"

Vanessa spoke "Well, they get more extra private tuition than everyone else. Lets go ask Alexander nicely if we can join his group with Vincenzo. Sometimes Vincenzo is in a bad mood, he says no. Do you mind if we try to join Vincenzo's group?"

Letitia sighed "It's not like we have any other choice. There is no way I am joining Tristan's group. I don't want to be around him. The thought of what he was capable of doing to me makes me cringe." So she definitely preferred Vincenzo. She never thought she would feel relief of having Vincenzo around.

Letizia and Vanessa, then walked to where Alexander was. He was collecting the resources from the teacher's desk.

Vanessa reached him and asked "Can we work with you?"

Alexander smiled "Sure cousin. Vincezno is not choosy today"

Vanessa and Letizia followed Alexander and reached Vincenzo's table who was scribbling and drawing diagrams in his note book. Alexander put down the resources "Girls, sit down... Vincenzo..... Vanessa and Letizia are joining us."

Letizia expected him to make a remark or annoy her with his words somehow like he always did when he saw her but he quickly looked up at Letizia and Vanessa, nodded "Sure. It makes no difference today."

Letizia was surprised. She sat down alongside Vanessa and Alexander who started splitting the resources amongst them "Girls, would you like to be traders or you would like to be sitting at the table doing the negotiating when the other traders show up? Choose now and then we can get up and roll in a few minutes."

Letizia spoke "Don't we need to come up with ... I don't know.. some strategies. That's what the teacher said. We are meant to discuss and come up with a business plan....I think we should read the briefs first."

Alexander looked at her taken back "Oh, I forget, you don't know how this goes.... Well, Vincenzo is the CEO and the accountant so he would give you all that. He would give you instructions about who to trade with and your pricing and much more. You don't need to read anything. Just do what Vincenzo writes on the job cards. You just do as he says and nothing else. You are not allowed to make any decision that he doesn't put on the job card. Otherwise we may not pass."

Vanessa stated "I stay at the table for negotiating."

Letizia said "Me too, I guess. I have no experience of being a trader."

Alexander nodded "Then Vincenzo and I will be the traders going around." He then sat back down and stared at Vincenzo waiting in silence just like Vanessa was.

Letizia was baffled "So.. we just wait..."

Vanessa spoke "Yes. we wait for Vincenzo to instruct us. He is the CEO and gives us all the instructions"

Letizia argued "But there must be something else we can do. Other groups are discussing their company...."

Vanessa shook her head " We are not other groups though... Whatever suggestion we give to Vincenzo, he will throw it out of the window. His uncle Costanzo has a PhD in Economics and has written Books in Economics. Well, lets say Vincenzo knows more about Economics than college graduates since he has been tutored by him regularly."

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