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I was pretty sad that this was our last day at the beach house. We were all on the beach and I couldn't be more relaxed. Amy and I were currently tanning and the boys were playing soccer a bit away. 

Amy and I were eating watermelon and just talking, but I had zoned out because Luke was very good at distracting me without really meaning to.

"You really love him, it's cute to see how much you guys care for each other." Amy stated as she turned to look at what I was staring at.

I couldn't help but admire Luke. He was only wearing black swimming shorts and it was hard to not stare at him. His broad shoulders glinted because of the waterdroplets and the sun reflecting them and his hair was in a mess because he had just been swimming a couple of minutes ago so it stuck up, but I found that cute. He was laughing with the boys as they played soccer, his eyes sparkled with happiness. I loved seeing him this happy and relaxed because he really deserved it. 

"Yeah, I do," I smiled just as Luke turned his attention to me.

When he noticed me staring at him, he waved at me, giving me one of his cheeky smiles which made me giggle as I waved back.

Before I knew it, he was staring at me like he was plotting something and when he suddenly smirked instead, I knew that this wasn't good at all.

Luke suddenly started running towards me, making my eyes widen as Amy laughed at my reaction.

"Whatever you're plotting Luke, just don't do it if I'm going to get mad at you." I warned, but Luke just chuckled as he came to a stop right in front of my towel that I was laying on.

"But what's the fun in that?" he winked before leaning down to lift me up.

I squealed, trying to wiggle out of his grip, but Luke was so much stronger than me.

He was walking down to the water and I knew exactly what he was about to do so I tried to get out of his grip again, but knew this wasn't going to end good. I was in the middle of eating watermelon and I wasn't in the mood to get into the water.

"Luke! I swear to god, if you throw me out in that water, I'm gonna kill you!" I yelled, hitting his shoulder because Luke was lifting me bridal style.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take." he grinned, poking my side as I squaled. 

He quickly walked down to the water, getting deeper and depper every second.

"Damn it, Luke Robert Hemmings! I swear to God-" I began, but couldn't finish my sentence because Luke had already dropped me.

It was freezing in the water and I quickly swam up to the surface, not liking the salt water in my eyes. Luke and the others were laughing loudly at me, but when Luke saw my angry glare, his eyes widened and he started backing away from me, knowing I was angry at him.

"I didn't mean to do it!" Luke lied as I swam to where I could stand and started walking up to him. 

"Stop lying, Luke! You just told me it was a risk you were willing to take!" I stated, moving closer to him, but Luke started backing away.

"I'm sorry?" he said, but it sounded more like a question.

"You better run, Luke." I warned and it didn't take more than a second before Luke started sprinting away from me.

I ran after him, cursing at Luke for being faster than me. I tried getting him to stop by yelling at him, but it didn't stop him. He just laughed, thinking I had no chance.

That was until he tripped over an empty bottle or something and fell straight down on the sand, making me smirk because he couldn't escape me anymore now.

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