Miami Crash

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Colby POV

I could hear Sam talking to someone on the phone.

I pressed my ear against my door to try and hear what they were saying.

"Come on we have to tell him sooner or later." Sam said.

The other person talked for a minute.

"No you can't tell him later just let me tell him now!"

Are they talking about me?

"Come on Reed! I know how upset he'll be, but he will be even more upset if we don't tell him... you know what Reed I don't need your permission to tell Colby something."

I think he hung up.

I could hear footsteps coming toward my door. I quickly ran over to the bed and pretended I just got up. Sam walked in with a frown on his face. I furrowed my brow.

"Everything okay?" I ask stretching my arms over my head. Sam shook his head. "Can you get dressed so we can talk?" Sam asked while exiting the room. "Fine I guess it's a little strange to talk while I'm in my underwear." I said laughing. Sam let out a little chuckle and shut the door. After getting dressed I went out into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. Sam sat down at the island and looked at me with a solemn look. I started to eat my cereal indicating that I was ready to listen.

"You know Savannah?" Sam started. "No who is she?" I laughed. "This isn't funny Colby." Sam said not even chuckling. "She... well her... it's kind of hard to say." Sam said fidgeting around in his chair. "What is it?" I asked putting my spoon down. "She moved... her and her family moved... again." Sam said slowly. I froze in my spot. "What." I said more as a statement than a question. I quickly got up from my chair. I stood up so fast that my chair went flying out from under me and onto the floor.

I started to pace around the room. I decided to call Savannah.

"The number you just dialed is not available at this time." The robots voice said. I locked my phone and threw it on the ground. "Damnit!" I yelled. Sam had just gone to go pick EB up from school. I quickly sent him a text.

Colby: Watch EB while I'm gone.

Sam: Why where are you going?

Sam: Colby answer me.

Sam: Colby!

I ignored Sam's messages. I called Reed and asked him where Savannah had moved.

Miami Florida...

Looks like I'm going to Florida.

4 hours of flying and I'm finally there.

I quickly rent a car and start to drive around. Looking for Savannah.

Have I totally gone off the deep end?

It was already night time but I wasn't about to give up on her. I kept driving around different blocks and roads. I seen some guy coming my direction in front of me. He was swerving really bad. I didn't know what happened until it ended. Everything went black.

I heard a slight beeping. I slowly opened my eyes to see I was in a hospital. My doctor walked in with a clipboard in hand.

"What happened?" I asked my voice aching. The doctor signed something on his paper. Then he looked at me with a raised brow. "You were hit by a drunk driver. Luckily you turned your wheel in time for the passenger side of the car to get hit, but you did fracture your left wrist and broke your right leg. Other than that, and a few cuts and bruises here and there... you should be good to go in a few days. Who would you like us to contact? Because we found your ID and you live in LA correct?" I nodded my head slowly. "Sam Golbach... he should be the first contact on my phone." The doctor nodded and then told me I need some rest. But before I fell asleep I heard my doctor's conversation with another doctor.

"She had a really bad Asthma Attack."

"Tell the nurse I'll be right there... uh... what was her name again?"

"Savannah Deming."

Then I drifted to sleep. Not long after falling asleep I woke up. It was around midnight. I sat up in the bed and spotted a wheelchair by the bathroom door. I hopped on my good foot to the wheelchair and then sat down. I wheeled myself out of the room and made my way towards Savannah's room. When I made it there I seen her sleeping peacefully in bed. I wheeled myself next to her bed and held her hand. I stayed there for such a long time. Until the sun started to rise. I decided I should probably head back to my room before the doctor comes to check on me.

A few days later Sam showed up.

We went back to LA.

To my surprise. I didn't get to talk to Savannah.

I did however steal her doctors papers that revealed her new phone number.

Now I can text her!

It'll be okay Colby...

This isn't the end...


Sorry for short chapters.

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