The Impossible Angel

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“How did you come up with that plan so quickly?”  Rory asked me later.

I shrugged.  “I dunno.  It was in the heat of the moment or whatever.  I didn’t want you guys to die.  Because to be honest, that would kinda suck.”

We all laughed.

I stopped and looked at them seriously.  “What were you guys discussing earlier that was so… secret-y.”

Amy, Rory and River all looked slightly confused whereas the Doctor looked grim.

“I don’t remember you telling us anything… oh.” Said Amy, realizing something.

“Exactly.” Said the Doctor.

“What?” I asked, confused.

 The Doctor looked at something over my shoulder.  I don’t know what though because I don’t remember seeing anything.

River was fiddling with something on her wrist.

“You leaving then?”  The Doctor asked her.

“I’m sorry.  But yes.”  River pushed a button and disappeared.

The Doctor stared at where she had been for a few seconds before

“Where next?”  He asked, eyes shining.

Our conversation from a few seconds ago was forgotten.

THE END (for now)


“I’m bored.”  I whined.

The Doctor had decided not to take us anywhere today.  Amy and Rory were tired and having a nap.  The Doctor was underneath the console fiddling with something or other and I had nothing to do.  Oh, I suppose neither did Brent.

“Why don’t you go to sleep like Amy and Rory?”  The Doctor asked.

“I’m not tired.  Don’t you have a video game system or something?”

“I do somewhere.”

“Where?!”  I asked eagerly.

“I forget.”

I sighed dejectedly. 

“I want to find the video game room.”  Brent announced.  Copycat.

“Alright.  But don’t wander off too far and get lost.   Oh, and if you see a room with the title ‘bouncy balls; Enter at your own risk’ believe it.”  The Doctor said.

Brent looked at me.  “Coming?”  He asked.

I sighed.  “Alright.   But if we do find the video game room, I call player one.”  I told him as we walked out.

A little while later, after I’d beaten Brent about 10 times in MarioKart, the game suddenly shut off and the Doctor appeared on screen.

“Aww, come on!  I was just about to beat him!”  I huffed.

“You were not!”  Brent exclaimed.

“Really?  When I was in first and you last… Not to mention it was the final lap.  And I wasn’t going to beat you?  Puh-lease.”  I rolled my eyes.

“This is serious.  Get back to the console room as fast as you can.  Don’t stop or go into any other room.  Now!”  The Doctor said and the screen went black.

I stood up immediately, but Brent remained still.

“Get up, it’s serious.”  I told him.

“I don’t WANNA!”  He said.

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