~My Last Goodbye~

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Hey guys,

Ive decided to start writing poety....

Let me know what you think...:D

Luv Bev...xxxx

~My Last Goodbye~

The light through the window makes it sparkle,

A gem in my eyes,

Though other people see trouble.

Sleek and shiny,

The perfect blade,

The touch on my skin,

Makes me tremble with pain .

The gentle push,

The Slide along,

Revealing red blood,

And it trickles along.

The pain stings like hell,

But its better than life,

For life is my hell,

Now I laugh in spite.

As the blood pooled around me, my life flashed before my eyes,

The bad times came first and I laughed as I waved goodbye.

For my life was hell,

Now I look down and smile,

At the remorseful people,

This is my last goodbye.

What did you guys think...

A sucess or a flop...?

Luv Bev...xxx